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    Reading, movies, knitting, cross stitch, playing my ukulele, the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints.

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    26th May 2013
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    Mystic Rhythms, The Garden, Closer To The Heart
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    Power Windows, Vapor Trails, Clockwork Angels
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    Being introduced to their music!!
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    Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen, AC/DC, Magnum, Muse, Ozric Tentacles, Judas Priest
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  1. Finally able to get back into respond!
  2. I've only just seen this. :( :rose:
  3. Opeth - Ghost Reveries Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast Ghosts Of Atlantis - 3 6 2 4
  4. Happy Belated Birthday!! :yay: :haz:
  6. I've been on a Magnum run these past few days: Kingdom Of Madness Magnum II Chase The Dragon Eleventh Hour On A Storytellers Night Vigilante
  7. I am very excited about the new album! So excited, I thought today was the 21st and tried to pre-order it. :doh:
  8. Yes! Congenital cataracts runs in my family. My sister and I were born with it, my mum before us, my grandfather before her and his mother before him. It's a bit of a story but in a nutshell: Mum and sister had implants but this was years ago. They were under general anaesthetic. Due to complications, I have only had the right one done, just last year. And yes, I was conscious throughout. You can't really see much. There's a really bright light shining on your face and they kept putting various drops in your eye so you get these weird visual effects like something out of a sixties music video. I was there for about a hour because they had to do extra stuff. Your operation will be about 20 minutes. I hope it goes well for you. :hug2:
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