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The most progressive of the most classic prog bands

Which was the most progressive?  

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  1. 1. Which is the most progressive

    • Rush
    • Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (rip Emerson)
    • Genesis
    • Yes
    • Pink Floyd
    • King Crimson
    • Jethro Tull
    • Other (please say who I missed!)

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Who was the most progressive of these classic prog rock bands. Inspired by listening to ELP's giant triple live album (you know the one) in rememberance of the astonishing Keith Emerson, and thinking they really might have had the clearest handle on prog rock's traditional ideals, a seamless and authentic blending of jazz, rock, classical, and other genres, with thought provoking and/or fantasy and science fiction lyrics. Now my sig says my answer, and I do stick by it, but Rush were only the most progressive IMO because they progressed beyond the traditional constraints of prog, if that makes sense. At their most traditionally proggy, I think they were only equal in progginess to these other bands. What do you think? And if I missed anyone major, please tell me!
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I think I'd pick King Crimson since they were so damn experimental. Almost no two albums sound the same


i agree........they just kept moving.


I'd say Rush but they moved so far it was eventually out of prog, lol


Ditto Genesis.



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I see Yes as the band that seamlessly combined the influences and personalities of its members better than any other band - and in doing so, they did it into fantastic songs without becoming forced or pretentious


They were themselves, and the music represented that .. With Yes, the pieces are magnificent, and never once have I ever felt they went in and recorded something with the intent to be quirky or "prog", which is something I cannot say for some of the other bands on the list


With that said, I love Rush and hate to put anyone over them, but to me, classic Rush ( the Rush I love ) is more metal than prog ... But again, that's just me and where I came into it with them



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