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Toronto, ON Periscope Thread - June 17th


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Maybe I can catch some pre-show festivities, but I'm going to have to miss the main course tonight due to having dinner with family and friends which I was unable to postpone.


This tour schedule isn't easy to nail consistently.


May make the second set, but it's doubtful I'll be back in time.


I'll be back to mop up

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Is it someone here that know in how long time the concert start?


8:00pm EDT - of course, the obligatory late start should put it @ 8:15pm EDT...

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Hey Zumbi is this your first time here for periscope feeds?


No, it´s not. I have seen two concerts before, two first set concerts. (only to Subdivisions).


But it´s so bad audio and video, and I have just been annoyed when they have closed down the feeds. So I have just skipped it.


But now they are playing in their home city, Toronto, and they are recording the show. So then I wanna see it!

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