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  1. Thank you everyone! First show is approaching fast and my nerves are growing but I'm excited to be out there playing!
  2. Thanks everyone! To be honest, I only knew about 2 or 3 of their songs before starting to learn the audition material I've already started to insert some Neil style fills in certain places (I just can't help myself) The thing I failed to realize about the band is just how many different styles and genres they incorporate. I've had to learn a lot of new little grooves and go way outside my comfort zone, which is quite satisfying!
  3. I can honestly say I've never eaten crawfish, but I love seafood, so this gig has me pretty excited lol. And thank you everyone! I'm really excited!
  4. Hey all, I'm super stoked to be able to officially say that I'm now the drummer for the Cherry Poppin' Daddies! I know they are a band NOTHING like Rush, but I was so excited I had to post somewhere lol. I was in a pretty serious prog band up until about 2011, and then I fell out of drumming. I actually just started playing a few months ago, just in time to prepare for the drum audition for the band, and miraculously, they picked me! The funny thing is that I think I owe it to Neil and Rush for keeping my chops up while not actually playing drums. Rush has basically been the only band I've listened since I quit playing :Neil: :Neil: :Neil: So yeah, super happy to be playing drums again, and even happier to have a spot with a decently known band!
  5. Only 5 I'm glad one of them was R40 though! My heart goes out to all of you overseas folks that didn't get to see that tour
  6. Wow! Thanks guy! :) Episode three is in the works and SHOULD be up Tuesday! Share it with your friends and family! My goal is to get 100 subscribers before Episode 5 comes out!
  7. Awesome, thanks! Also, episode two is now up!!!
  8. 33 views, no feedback? lol did I post this in the completely wrong place? Pretty sure this is my first post outside of the main rush board haha.
  9. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, hope it's okay here. So a few months ago my roommates and myself thought it would be fun to make a 40's style radio drama/comedy with all of our own sound effects and the like. Around the same time, I'd also made up this ridiculous caricature of one of my coworkers (he was/is fine with it and loves it), so we decided to make a radio drama around this character. After we had made an episode, we got sidetracked with other things and never continued. However, friends and family kept pushing us to put it online and start making sequels, so we did! Presenting, The Ivan Sours Mystery Hours We'd love some likes, subcribers, and shares if you like it! Thanks :)
  10. This might be the best live release of Tom Sawyer...the mix is perfect, the camerawork is acceptable, no mistakes from the boys, and the tempo is even up a bit! Love it.
  11. Ged and Neil are definitely top notch, probably top 3 for each of them (ROCK category of course). Alex is so much harder to place. Sheer speed and playing wise? He's nowhere near the top. However in terms of actual musicianship he is number 1, edging out even David Gilmour. No one else has the mental capacity and technique to do what Alex does. He is the smartest guitarist to have ever played. Things like the guitar solo in Red Sector A are so far ahead of anyone else it's ridiculous. Also I'd go and say that no one else has better control and mastery over their tone.
  12. Messes up right at :07! That's supposed to be a triplet pattern alternating hands on the hi-hat accents, to keep the ghost note feel on the snare in between, thus smoothing out the back end so Geddy can punch harder on the bass. what a n00b. :)
  13. I'd watched a bunch of youtube videos and periscope feeds before the portland show on Tuesday, so I knew he sounded decent this tour, but WOW nothing could have prepared me for how good he sounds in person. Last tour, The Anarchist and Headlong Flight were almost painful to listen to, and he popped them out flawlessly in PDX. All of the second set and encore stuff was damn good, too. The only spot where he had a few bad notes were the verses in One Little Victory, but that song is brutal to sing.
  14. 2nd set in Portland was filled with fun moments. Towards the end of Neil's solo in Cygnus, Alex came out and sat on a road case on the side of the stage and started air drumming really really poorly, turned out and looked at us is the first few rows and shrugged lol.
  15. Yea I only plan to hold it up a few times for the boys to see. I really like the fold into 4ths idea. I'll just put THANK YOU on the folded sign. The big one reads, Thanks for Boppin' and Groovin' for 40 years!
  16. For the first time, I've decided to bring a sign with me to the show tonight. I put it on a 24x36" posterboard. Now how on earth do I get it into the venue? Do I just walk in and they let me have it? I've never done this before so any advice is much appreciated.
  17. My show (maybe shows) aren't until at least the 19th of this month, but from what I've seen posted so far: Putting Headlong Flight early in the show with Ged's voice ready to rock. This is the best live song they've written I think. Main Monkey Business is a killer instrumental and seems to be a crowd favorite this tour. How It Is making its live debut, they seem to really enjoy playing it. Losing It obviously Them playing TCE on their own accord without the fan pressure this time. Prelude into Part 1 is freaking genius, especially with the drum solo. Xanadu with the double necks. Geddy actually singing presentation better than he did on the TFE tour (from what I can tell). The whole encore! Sorry for leaving out Jacob's Ladder, as I'm super excited to hear it, but its obvious why they haven't played it in 35 years, it is not a live song lol. But Howard definitely seems to have made up for the dragging parts with his lighting skillz.
  18. Yea right now they all must have the brain of Alex on opening night... lol
  19. At this point they just need to stop filming. The boys need to relax and give the good people of Toronto a halfway decent show. Screw the filming, do it later. There have been major screwups on EVERY SONG.
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