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This might be early to say because the concert isn't until July, but last week, for presale, V.I.P., and public tickets went on sale.  Madonna, is going on tour for promoting her 40th+ Anniversary called "the Celebration Tour", and in Vancouver, there is one, which is the first stop.  I've been seeing if tickets would sell out, and prices get cheaper.  I haven't seen her perform in person before.  On the Canadian Ticketmaster website, for a cheaper price, than what a lot of them have been, I bought a verified resale one.  It's a good seat, and not anywhere on the floors.  With Madonna developing a "serious bacterial infection", her 40th+ Anniversary "the Celebration Tour" July date in Vancouver, and the initial North American leg had, and needed to be postponed, and rescheduled.  Now, the Vancouver date is for Feb. 21, 2024.


I wanted to say that I did go to the rescheduled "Madonna - 40th+ Anniversary: the Celebration Tour" in Vancouver on Feb. 21.  I thought she, and the concert were phenomenal, exceptional, and spectacular.  I recommend anyone else not having trying to miss it. 

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