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The classic Rush period


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To me, their Classic period is A Farewell to Kings to Moving Pictures- those four albums.


Yes, it is their peak.


No, it does not mean all other albums bite. I like the synthesizer era. I like what I have heard of Presto so far. Ditto for Test for Echo and Vapor Trails. RTB and CP not so much due to the music per se. S and A I don't like all that much due to a bit too much religion-bashing.

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QUOTE (metaldad @ Dec 14 2010, 10:10 AM)
QUOTE (greg2112 @ Dec 14 2010, 06:34 AM)
QUOTE (apetersvt @ Dec 13 2010, 10:56 PM)
I think COS - MP are at a level above the others.

Add Signals and thats the superior period for me as well....

Same here. Signals was the last Great Rush album imo . They have not come close but the 2 new songs give me hope

Agree with you completely, Signals was the last great one....and I also have high hopes for the next album based on the excellent 2 songs so far.


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I really believe the classic period is Fly by Night to Moving Pictures. After that they went with a more commercial "80's sound", with Alex ditching the hard rock guitar sound.


That being said, Signals is one of my favorite albums of all time. And I like GUP a lot as well. It was after GUP when they started going with an even more mainstream, almost contemporary sound. I only liked a few tracks off Power Windows and I didn't like any of their albums after that, until Counterparts. Rush just didn't seem to know how to slide back in to their hard rock roots, until that album, and I think the producer helped them get back on track.



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The period you talk about was great for their music, and those concerts must have be sweet. Albums that don't do so much for me are Grace Under Pressure, Presto, and HYF. Power Windows, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures are albums I can visualize. Grace and HYF don't pop out to me. Both of those each have two songs I dig, though. No consecutive album was ever really a radical departure from the previous. Big, but not huge.
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My general listening and theoretical "classic" period is Caress of Steel through Moving Pictures. That is where I usually reach first when wanting to satisfy a Rush craving!


Signals, through Presto didn't turn me on, although I like a FEW tunes from each of those albums. I can't listen to Roll the Bones, Test For Echo, or Vapor Trails at all anymore, (ok, I LIKE Dreamline, Driven and Secret Touch, thankfully the live albums represent them well)


Snakes and Arrows is amazing and reminds me of that "classic" period. Counterparts is a diamond in the rough, I like the sonic quality of it, and the songs are pretty decent.

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QUOTE (Mystic Slipperman @ Dec 14 2010, 11:28 AM)
My classic period for Rush is from Hemispheres to Hold Your Fire.

(probably different from most people here!)

goodpost.gif because it's different.


I don't know, 2112 and PeW kind of messes up the period from CoS - GuP for me.

I guess the best streak of the best albums is simply: MP - GuP


look, 'classic' albums:

CoS - Classic

AFTK - Classic

Hemi - Classic

MP - Classic

Sig - Classic

GuP - Classic

HYF - Classic

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Just a difference of degrees


Rush ***

Fly By Night ***1/2

Caress of Steel ****

2112 ****

A Farewell to Kings ****1/2

Hemispheres ****1/2

Permanent Waves *****

Moving Pictures *****

Signals ****1/2

Grace Under Pressure ****1/2

Power Windows ****

Hold Your Fire ****

Presto ****1/2

Roll the Bones ***1/2

Counterparts ****

Test for Echo ****

Vapor Trails ***1/2

Snakes & Arrows ****

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