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Tom Verlaine Dead At 73

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Tom Verlaine, the genius behind one of my all time favourite albums Marquee Moon, has passed away at the age of 73.


This year gets worse and worse.




Television's Punk Epic “Marquee Moon,” 40 Years Later | Pitchfork

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I listened to Marquee Moon tonight ... I cried.

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"It's seen before but it's always new
So look close and see who's come thru
Never again to face this night
Guiding Light, guiding light
Guiding thru these nights..."


I'm so sad today and the world doesn't seem quite the same.


Rest in peace, Mr. Verlaine.


:rose:   :rose:   :rose:   :rose:   :rose:   :rose:   :rose:


Tumblr: Image

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11 hours ago, 78jazz said:

Let us not forget Adventure. I have spent some time listening to it off and on since Saturday.


RIP. What a bummer Tom is gone.

Yes, it tends to live in the shadow of Marquee Moon, but is a great album in its own right.

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