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Happy Birthday Alex!


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Ladies and gentlemen.  This is truly a most auspicious occasion.  We have been informed Sir Alex will at some point today log on to this forum to thank his birthday well-wishers.  Unfortunately, we do not know with any specificity when this may occur.  Sir Alex is currently engaged with prior commitments.  (We've been informed he is now watching the gripping story of an errant butterfly hunter trapped in no man's land during the Battle of Passchendaele.)


His equerry has requested you stand when he logs on, but otherwise do feel relaxed and carry on normally.  Remember!  Do not address Sir Alex unless he first addresses you.


Thank you.

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Happy Birthday Captain Alex 🎂🍰🍾

Hope you are having a great day Lerxst😎

Thanks for being such an inspiration 🎸🥇

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Happy Birthday,  Alex!  Thank you for all of the music and for all of the fun!    We never know which guy we're going to get but it's always entertaining!  :biggrin:


              mWa3JVwm.jpg              UeQSPxZl.png

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