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  1. This seems doubly appropriate, as the Cubbies and Reds are playing in Dyersville, Iowa this evening, with a big, beautiful full moon rising. (Ha! Just as I was writing this, they played this during the game's TV coverage when going into a commercial.)
  2. Here's David fuming eloquently about the past prospect of an 18-story building being raised adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge (it wasn't built): Hart Crane would have certainly agreed.
  3. Well heck. An American treasure and historical literature promontory. His last completed work, The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West, is a fine note upon which to finish. I recall watching his discussion of this work on C-SPAN during a Sunday morning in the summer of 2019: https://www.c-span.org/video/?460340-1/david-mccullough-discusses-the-pioneers See also: David McCullough - The Pioneers | Marietta College On a side note: Another book on this historical subject which you might consider if so inclined is A Journey to Ohio in 1810: as recorded in the journal of Margaret Van Horn Dwight. It's a travel diary written by the teenage Margaret, presenting a straightforward account of her experience. It's a quick read, being under seventy pages. (Edited by historian Max Farrand, who was husband of Beatrix Jones Farrand, pioneering woman in the world of landscape architecture.)
  4. Somebody wrote the audio of this scene sounds like a TIE fighter.
  5. It seems the pitchers often prefer to defer in such instances, but a diffusion/confusion of responsibility arose there. Luckily for the Brew Crew, Ashby was able to hold on even while his hilltop position was subject to frontal assault. Meanwhile, the 3-way battle for last place in the NL Central continues apace.
  6. This photo was snapped at the Classic Rock Awards in London, November 2010.
  7. Here we go again. Everyone's wishing Happy Birthday to a guy who hasn't visited the forum in years.
  8. It was during War Paint when the giant white bunnies first arose from the top hats on the Presto tour. That should count for something, right? Then they'd start bopping around during Tom Sawyer. Ah, the peoples loved da bunnies.
  9. I rate this song quite highly. Therefor with this, my lordly imprimatur, Chemistry shall no longer be considered underrated. The figure played at the 12th fret which Alex repeats throughout the song (first appearing at the 45 second mark) sounds like chemistry--you can sense the photons radiating off those electrons. It's a great fingers/pick coordination exercise as well. You'd better have your chops in order to play that figure cleanly for relatively lengthy passages. It's a bit reminiscent of The Spirit of Radio opening figure.
  10. Geddy's spirit of leniency has been exhausted. He made the call to the Blue Jays front office. Charlie Montoyo has been dismissed.
  11. Your hopes for Vinegegaard were obviously realized, and then some. He'll be in yellow tomorrow. Much pain yet ahead. The French will be energized by Bardet's move to 2nd overall.
  12. Presumably it's the tried-and-true 'when thoughtful commentary fails or can't be summoned, interject with a labiodental fricative profanity' rule. Of course, I've never resorted to such crass behaviour. Heavens no!
  13. A couple years ago, while listening to/watching the TdF, I wondered, "Why does Phil [Liggett] keep mentioning focaccia?!" It soon dawned upon me this was how Phil's (and other race announcers) pronunciation of 'Pogačar' initially struck me. Now my jokes about focaccia being in the yellow jersey, etc., have become a potentially irksome pattern.
  14. A link to a good, related article at Sky & Telescope*: https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/what-will-the-james-webb-space-telescope-reveal/ “We have seen galaxies 97% of the way back to the Big Bang,” says Dan Coe (Space Telescope Science Institute). “I am most excited to finally see objects that existed during that missing first 3%, the first 400 million years of the universe.” *Clicking on this link in, say, the year 2031, may not lead you to the desired story. Clickveat emptor!
  15. This platform will be able to reach further out (or rather, further back in time) than the Spitzer Space Telescope, with much greater resolution. It'll be exciting to learn what this will yield. The more we think we know about The greater the unknown
  16. That bit [the river] was not part of the lyrics initially. It was added after the track was first laid down at Le Studio. It was determined a little something of the vocal sort was needed to season that portion of the song. Eyes turn to Neil for the solution. Neil thinks further about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. And what is a central feature of this story? Why, the mighty Mississippi, of course. The river!
  17. You're not too far off base. Alex is widely revered for his advanced facial recognition/name recall capabilities. You've likely seen him at concerts pointing out people in the crowd to Geddy: "There's Andy from the Hold Your Fire show in Dayton! And, hey, there's Big Jim from the Caress of Steel show in Fort Wayne!"
  18. It's hard to believe it has already been eight years since Luongo last played for the Canucks (2014). The time, she flies.
  19. Perhaps these are connected points in a conversation (interpersonal & reflexive) or a philosophical internal dialogue (intrapersonal & self-reflective). "Ah, yes. I see your point. Hmmm, yes." Or perhaps it depicts moments of numinous awe while contemplating those bonfire lights reflecting in the lake of sky. Okay, that last sentence was a wee bit silly. Interpretations will vary. The artistic license of the listener at play.
  20. John passed away--believe it or not--twenty years ago today. Tempus fugit!
  21. Make this your ringtone. It's a moral imperative: https://looptube.io/?videoId=poPCStBHfmI&start=78.31858407079656&end=81.41592920353987&rate=1
  22. As Rick chose both a song from Sting and also the Police, I was rather surprised he didn't highlight this example which usually comes to my mind when the odd time signature subject arises (it's always good for a 'Try to count this one out' challenge): (It's in 9/8)
  23. Touch and Go! A great song, and a great one to pick for this topic. Not only does it feature an odd time signature (5/4), but also polymeter. At points, the rhythm section plays in 5/4, while the guitar and keys play in 4/4 atop that. So funky and cool. Any fan of Alex Lifeson would surely appreciate those two shimmering chords Elliot Easton plays (for instance, at the 2:00 mark). Those suckers took me a few minutes to figure out properly.
  24. Simply because they've lost ten in a row doesn't necessarily mean the team su- . . . well, maybe you've got a valid point, there. The Cubbies are trying to recapture that pre-Theo non-magic.
  25. Further thoughts on adding resistors to your Hentor project circuitry: Fralin Pickups posted a nifty illustration which may offer some illumination on wiring a resistor so that it sees 250k (scroll down to 'FAKING OUT YOUR SINGLE COILS WITH RESISTORS'): https://www.fralinpickups.com/2018/10/17/using-resistors-in-guitars-101/ The illustration depicts a Tele, with a humbucker in the neck position, so it's reverse that of a Sportscaster. But it does nicely show where to install a 470kOhm resistor. (The illustration shows 500k, but it'd really be a 470k, which is the standard). As mentioned above by Freddy himself, the pickup selector switch is configured: bridge (down position); middle/neck (middle position); neck (up position). So, if you soldered a resistor for both neck and middle single coils (i.e., one for each), they'd sound a bit darker with the toggle in the middle position, as both resistors would be acting in the circuit (which could be compensated by using a lower resistance capacitor on the middle pickup--or simply not installing a resistor on the middle pickup--as it is always used in conjunction with the neck pickup, if one uses the aforementioned switch configuration). I see Fralin offers 500k resistors on their site. You can readily acquire them via Mouser, or any number of sources. Back in the day, you could visit your local Radio Shack for these. If you do install resistors, avoid those made of ceramic, as they're less robust. Go for carbon film resistors. You could even use metal film resistors, but carbon is sufficient.
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