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    Seeing Exit Stage Left in high school at a party. My fate was sealed!!!
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    DT, PT, Foo Fighters, QR, Steely Dan, Santana, and many more. Oh, and all Jazz (Cobham, Metheny, Gambale, etc.....).
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  1. Geddy and Alex!!! That was so cool, and considering the event and fun nature of it, I thought they sounded fine. Clearly everyone was having a blast!!! What a treat for the performers and audience. Closer to South Park!!!
  2. I just picked up AP’s new album, plus two other recent releases that I didn’t know about (The Secret and Try Anything Once). I have some catching up to do! Really like Oraborus from the new album, and also You Are the Light and Halos. I was really surprised with the album closer, a cover of Be My Baby. Interesting choice! AP can be kind of hit or miss for me too, but the hits really hit!!! Looking forward to listening to these more and getting into that AP vibe. I really need to make a playlist of the “hits”, because there are plenty!!!
  3. Still trying to digest the album. Listened to the first half a few days ago, then the whole thing yesterday while on a drive. Once I reached Never Have I ended up hitting repeat, and I’ve been repeating this song ever since!!!
  4. I’ll look forward to watching this later, Rick is awesome! Just saw Steely Dan’s Earth After Hours tour a week ago! 4th time seeing them! What an awesome show, and Donald’s voice is in great form. Helps to have the AWESOME back up singers, the Danettes! Musicianship of all members was off the charts, and Keith Carlock was incredible, as always. He took Aja to a whole new level, which is quite astounding when you think about it… Haven’t been to a concert in a few years, it was a full house from what I could tell, and it was nice to be out with fellow fans. Inspiring!!! Anyway, it’ll be interesting to hear Rick’s take on their sound.
  5. I’m really enjoying this album! I posted previously, but it got deleted during the recent upgrade. It’s a nice diversion for Alex, and I really like Maiah’s voice and the rest of the musician’s playing. There seems to be some sneaky powerful parts hidden in the generally mellow vibe. Example for me is the descending guitar line coming from the break back into the chorus on Never Said I Love You. I just love that part!!! I have the exact same feeling with Spy House. Just can’t get used to the vocals on that. Although good, they sound “added” to me. In contrast, I thought Maiah knocked it out of the park on Kabul Blues. Very soulful and really added to the song on that one for me. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the iTunes version, and I bought the cd, so I’m looking forward to spinning it on a better sound system!
  6. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot It’s been stuck in my head ever since reading an article that the shipwreck occurred Nov. 10, 1975. 46 years ago today.
  7. The email, the “satisfied customers” testimonials, the video and fan access to the area under his desk by his computer wires, and the lovely new tune…. What a great surprise this morning!!! I really love all of these little 2-3 minute songs, and it sounds like he baked this one just a little bit longer than the others…
  8. Enjoying release day for this. Two listens through and I’m stunned! “A” game all around and Mangini, are you The Alien? Holy Shit!!!
  9. That brought tears to my eyes and made my day at the same time!!! Thanks ReRushed! Wonderful tribute OSU!!!
  10. No problem, I still get to rediscover the credit music on S and A Live!
  11. Thanks RushFanForever!!! I’m gonna go ahead and watch the dvds anyway, just to make sure…
  12. These are awesome!!! I recognize Kroove, or a variation of it, from the closing credits of the S and A Live dvd, or maybe it was R30… I’ll rewatch them both in their entirety to check :)
  13. Great interview! I can’t wait to hear more of Alex’s new projects!!!
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