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Last movie you watched, v.2


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1 hour ago, invisible airwave said:

Haven't seen it since I DVR'd it on The Movie Channel years ago.  It still holds up with that awesome twist ending.








It's a really good one!  Melanie Griffith was excellent in it.

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The Matrix was on cable tonight,  haven't watched in a long time but it was a great movie.  I remember being kinda in shock at the end and this music really fit the show,  hadn't heard Rage against the Machine until this. 


The war with AI takes on a different connotation in today's world with all the fears about the ChatGPT influence.  Still a great flick.


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Overrated. Too long, film school flying cymbal shots, fake New York on the studio lot, although I'm sure Clint meant otherwise Charlie Parker came off like a junkie loser.

Tehran museum to review Clint Eastwood's “Bird” - Tehran Times

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