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  1. A little birdie told me this lady is being inducted into the RRHOF on November 5. Congratulations Pat -- FINALLY!!
  2. I noticed there are no Whitesnake or David Coverdale threads at this forum. I wasn't gonna start one. There is obviously no interest. The band cancelled their show in Spain yesterday. Some say it was the drummer's health. The rhythm guitarist was also ill this month. Another source said that Coverdale was upset that Whitesnake's stage setup was inferior to the Scorpions. It could be an ego thing. I have streamed some of their 2022 shows. That man has no voice left. It is very painful to listen to him now. I feel sorry for his fans who shelled out their hard earned money. Some of them took leave from work and/or booked flights!!!
  3. I'm guessing this is why Robert Plant calls Whitesnake's singer "David Cover-version"
  4. And now the sequel...that came out just 25 days ago.
  5. That review made my day. Funniest thing I've seen today. I was actually going to see that movie.
  6. John Frusciante - The Past Recedes John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer are the only members of the RHCP who HAVEN'T been accused of sexual harassment or assault or rape. I will continue to support John's solo music and Josh's new gigs with Pearl Jam, but I just can't listen to the RHCP anymore.
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