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Last movie you watched, v.2


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The Paramedic / El Practicante (2020). Little Spanish number about a paramedic paralysed in an accident. IMO, he needed a bit more therapy to help him cope with his new circumstances, but he was pretty mean anyway.




Oh, and how come hot female physio`s are always single? Is this a good way to meet women?

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copy/pasting this from TOST


I've been watching a lot of Werner Herzog lately, and I'm honestly not interested in watching anything else, so I'll probably finish his entire filmography by April's end:


saw fitz and stroszek, wasn't huge on fitz honestly but i did enjoy stroszek - to this day it's an interesting idea to write out a fictional story based on a real person playing himself (bruno was actually in fact, a bastard child, idiot drunk, failed street musician, etc)


the docs i've seen are:


Grizzly Man

this is my fav documentary by him so far. it's all found footage of another one of those "ted kazyncski", "walden", or "chris mccandless" types - only this guy is even more crazy, eccentric, and incompetent - even compared to the guys aforementioned. despite this some of what he accomplished is still impressive, the footage is beautiful, his life story is very interesting and Herzog finds a way to reveal his history with natural 'plot twists'.. basically it's a story of Timothy Treadwell, a guy who becomes an animal rights activist by befriending Grizzly bears in Alaska and advocates for people to stop hunting the bears. he gets insanely close to these bears and almost treats them they way most people treat household pets. i'll definitely watch this one again sometime


Happy People

watched this one last night and it has some of the most beautiful footage i've ever seen, i loved this. the only thing about it is it kind of depressed me as well because i'm envious of the Serbian trappers the documentary follows.


Into The Abyss

this one's on youtube, i'm not usually into crime or criminology but Herzog being Herzog he is incredibly candid in his interviews and you have to admire his unique take on such a common genre. 'true crime' is trash, this is good. it's commentary is heavily focused on capital punishment, and the funniest part of the doc is the 'death row groupie' he interviews.


Lo And Behold

watched this one last night too. again like with into the abyss, this is herzog tackling a pretty worn out subject (futurism / sci fi / tech) but offering expansive yet condensed coverage on the subject. at this point i'm getting used to, but no tired of, his approach to things - so when i saw that he'd be interviewing elon musk that alone was reason enough for me to check it out. i love how fearless he is with his interviews.


Cave of Forgotten Dreams

this was the least interesting to me because i don't really care all that much about cave drawings, history, anthropology, etc. a few parts were interesting and some of the archeologists he interviewed were real whacky too, but overall this was wasn't an enjoyable one for me

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Blade Runner, on the big screen. Great fun watching it in the cinema and knowing the story already, I could pay full attention to the details of the world. Equal parts chilling what the dystopia vision nailed in regards to culture but swung and missed in terms of technology and climate.


lol, flying cars and acid rain

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