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POLL: Worst Rush song?

Texas King

POLL: Worst Rush song?  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. Worst Rush song?

    • Rivendell
    • I'm Think I'm Going Bold
    • Madrigal
    • Red Lenses
    • Emotion Detector
    • Tai Shan
    • Superconductor
    • Face Up
    • Neurotica
    • Speed of Love
    • Dog Years
    • The Stars Look Down
    • Bravest Face
    • Virtuality
  2. 2. How do you feel about a chosen song?

    • I still like it, though it's the worst.
    • It's kinda OK.
    • I don't care for it (and very rarely listen it).
    • I just dislike it.
    • I loathe it!

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I think Red Lenses is the worst in this group, but there are quite a few other Rush songs that I like less than that one.

I get it. Most of you despise it, but I'm just curious why.


My opinion of the song has changed over time. I found the song lackluster when it came out. Years after that, Rush performed it in concert as part of a medley. Seeing it live with different colored lights flooding the stage coordinated to the lyrics (primarily red, of course) was really cool. Years after that I paid attention to the lyrics and that took it to another level of appreciation.

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Good News First & Bravest Face need to be on the poll.

I don't think I've ever made it all the way through either of those songs before jabbing the skip button


Bravest Face is there. I voted for it.

I have to put on my bravest face just to listen to it.

that joke is gonna age like milk
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