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What Rush album or albums have the best lyrics?


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Permanent Waves (Natural Science alone is poetic genius)

Moving Pictures

Grace Under Pressure


Not just that the lyrics are excellent on all these albums, it's that the lyrics fit so beautifully with the music. One thing Rush is guilty of in later albums (2000s and on) is shoehorning lyrics into the music. S&A and CA were especially egregious in doing this.

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Moving Pictures,Grace Under Pressure and Counterparts.I chose CP because it was released at a low point in my life and i can relate to a lot of it.
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"Let the truth of love be lighted

Let the love of truth shine clear


Armed with sense and liberty

With the Heart and Mind united

In a single perfect sphere"

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I like the obliqueness of many of the Vapor Trails lyrics, and find them to be the closest NP has come to real poetry (as opposed to rhyming statements).

I realize that I'm in the minority about this. :D

They're certainly his most 'honest/real' lyrics methinks.



It's such a cloudy day, seems we'll never see the sun.

I feel the day is all uncertainty.

Burning in the moment; trapped by the desperation

between how it is and how it ought to be.


Foot upon the stair, shoulder to the wheel;

You can't tell yourself not to care.

You can't tell yourself how to feel.

That's how it is.

Another cloudy day.



Lyrically, I'm not as excited about "gleaming alloy air-cars", or "how trees are talkin' to each other, and how different sides of your brain works or outer-space bullshit." :LOL:



"Helix was a wicked concert. They had good lyrics like "Gimme an R-O-C-K!"

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