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Best singing duos (real or hypothetical)


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Here's a good one, as opposed to singer/guitarist duos with great chemistry, how about just duos of singers with excellent chemistry (or hypothetical ones you think would work great together)?


I'm gonna put out the big obvious one right here to get it over with:


McCartney and Lennon



Queen fanboying:

Mercury and Bowie (together forever, made in heaven, :rose: )

Mercury and Jackson (few recordings, all excellent)

Mercury and May

Mercury and Taylor

Mercury and Mercury ;)


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Okay, here's some more:


Nicks and Buckingham


The two guys in this new pop band called A Great Big World


The two singers in The Cars.

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It's never going to happen, but I'd like to see Shirley Manson sing with James Hetfield.


Floor Jansen and Jorn Lande were really good together on 010011001

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