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Damn Right I Got The Blues

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Wow...that Tea for One solo was otherworldly.


His studio version's amazing too. They added a bit of synth to it, really adds some depth to the song that I feel the Led Zeppelin version lacks somewhat.


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If there's such a thing as an amateur blues scholar, then I'm one.



I have a shitload of first edition blues lps from Wolf to Albert King to Mayall and all points in between. It all started when I got The Complete Robert Johnson Recordings back in the early 90's. Knocked me for six.


As Lord Trousersnake once elicited, "I love the blues, they tell my story".




I've been listening to early Boz Scaggs all week. "Loan Me A Dime." Amazing. "Runnin' Blue" to name a few. God I love the Blues. I love you too buddy!

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Listening mainly to metal and rock music I find myself liking more bluesmen with what I call a 'harder skin': Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and Johnny Winter above all.

For the same reason I'm not much in love with Clapton and Bonamassa: great players but too gentlemen with their instrument.

Went to a Kenny Wayne Shepherd's gig lately; I didn't know him and it's been a great surprise.


I'm much the same way. Actually, that's precisely why I love Bonamassa. Bonamassa's really good with the blues but manages to make it sound balls to the wall hard rock. Have you heard his cover of Tea For One by Led Zeppelin? Absolutely phenomenal.



Buddy Guy, my favorite blues player, is similar. He takes the blues and kicks you in the ass with it, particularly in his live performances.


I'm trying to get into Gary Moore but his discography is pretty vast so I'm not sure where to start with him.


I like (as everyone else, I suppose) Bonamassa's version of 'Tea For One' but at the end of the day I'm not blown away by the performer - probably too 'classy' for me.

I was listening to Gary Moore even in his hard rock days 30 yrs ago and I was gladly surprised by his blues turn; IMO 'Still Got The Blues' is his best work, but all his blues albums are worth listening.

I forgot in my previous post: 'One Stevie Ray! There's only one Stevie Ray!.....'

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Here's an old Albert King in 1981 at the Maintenance Shop on the Iowa State campus. Maintenance Shop Blues. It's an hour long, so dig in if you're interested. Some good stuff in here like Don't Burn Down That Bridge and Born Under a Bad Sign.


That Flying V!



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