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    Le Roy, MI
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    Drumming, 3-wheelers, boating, camping, snowmobiling, minibike riding, movies, video-games...
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    Pittsburgh 2010
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    Spirit of Radio
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    I'd say Hollywood Sportatorium between P/G and Power Windows tours in Hollywood FLA. Geddy sang "Temples of Baseball" if I'm not mistaken (could've been diff song or tour). They were very comfortable, relaxed and just a great feel that night. Rumors were flying around that Rush was just there doing a mini-tour since they were there to watch spring training for Toronto Blue Jays -can't confirm this. They played "The Big Money" and Geddy smiled and made eye contact with us. We were cheering wildly in support of this unheard jam like no one else there. I'll never forget the surprise of the super-low frequencies of the keyboards in the begining of that tune. Very exciting to see/hear new Rush song for the first time LIVE before it was released on an album!
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    Dream Theater, Yes, LED-ZEP, Deep Purple, Dregs, Kansas, King Crimson...
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    drums, guitar, piano
  1. Scott was a super nice guy when I talked to him a couple times. I still can't believe Tate spit on him in front of fans. What an asshole...
  2. The saddest thing about Brian's departure is he never told the band he had to quit, only wanted to discuss his doctor's opinion. Then they dropped him off at the next block and posted to their webpage that Brian quit. That is simply not true based on what Brian said himself in interviews. Similar to Jon Anderson being canned from Yes at the drop of a hat...
  3. agreed. I just hope axl's performances of "BBQ City" and "Whole Lotta Donuts" don't make my extra June 23 GNR tix lose value...
  4. I didn't care much for most of his music, but his show on the Purple Rain Tour in 1984 was incredible and he was an amazing musician. I'm looking forward to the autopsy results. It's been rumored it was not a big surprise to people close to him when he died...
  5. Mangini is the cat's ass, but I do miss the days of 1992/1993 when they were still hungry. I guess that could be said about any band, but that's my opinion as of lately. This last album sucked (in my unwanted opinion), so I didn't buy it. Maybe I'll give it another chance based on Tick's love for it tho. I'm going to take my latest groupie to the upcoming show and then decide whether I will buy it...
  6. Good point. People in hell want icewater, too. Would these negative types be happier if Rush stopped before R40? That's the $64,000 question. I didn't go, but wish I had. Looked like some pretty damn good shit for 60-something metal gods to me...
  7. I played a cancer benefit in Detroit a couple years ago , and we shot a video of the buddy guy song. Long live the blues...
  8. James was a snobby prick to me in '92, bit portnoy talked to me and my buddy for 45 minutes before the show. Free, of course. Lol
  9. Portly-Annoy doesn't have 10% of the ego as Scars-Ur-Rich, and also worth less than 10% of his net worth, too. For going in the hall of fame in modern drummer, Mikey is pretty level headed most of the time...
  10. Without Bruford or Al Dimeola, that flavor will be missing... Especially Bruford with his Octabons he used on that stuff. Worth going to, though. Did you guys say Mike Portly-Annoy was doing the USA dates, or Mangina-Genie?
  11. Pay close attention to Ringo's world-class drumming. I couldn't find anything from the studio sessions, so here you go...
  12. Hey, at least I actually know a couple insiders where I get my info on Neil and the band. One guy was a close friend of the family's, a promoter for Polygram, and I also worked with Skip Gildersleeve's classmate from Lincoln Park, Mich. I guess you're more informed because you know how to use a search engine, though. I've very proud of you and your wordly opinions that you get off yer mom's LCD screen. Well done.
  13. Daisley and Kerslake are on the back of Blizzard. And Daisley had song writing credits on Diary. No one who cares ever thought Sarzo and Aldridge played on those albums. And Sharon is the one who changed the cover, to promote Ozzy. But you're right that Rhoads, Daisley and Kerslake thought they joined a band. False. Kerslake and Daisley were NOT credited on the original cassettes and records. Word was on the street in the 80's that Rudy and Tommy were the musicians on the first two records and they weren't. And, in my final analysis my research indicates that Bernard Purdie played on over 20 beatles songs. Somewhere lies the truth, but we weren't there...
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