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09 - Best Song From Signals


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

    • Subdivisions
    • The Analog Kid
    • Chemistry
    • Digital Man
    • The Weapon
    • New World Man
    • Losing It
    • Countdown

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By far my favorite album, this definatly was the soundtrack of my life when I first bought it. This is the most difficult to choose from (thankfully I already decided a while ago), but I went with The Analog Kid. The lyrics "When I leave I dont know what I'm hoping to find, and when I leave I dont know what I'm leaving behind" still are some of the most haunting I have heard. In a close second is Subdivisions, and Losing It, but there isnt a single song that doesnt still send chills down my spine when I hear them.
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ALL of them.....


I chose Countdown. Kind of gives you chills now after the latest Shuttle (Columbia)disaster. THe boys were invited to the 'Countdown' and recorded some of the Mission Control sounds.


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Initially it was Subdivisions, and just Subdivisions. It was a long time before I could really listen to this album. It wasn't until HYF that I really got into Signals.


Had to go with Digital Man for this because it is on our plate in Trilogy and I am putting extra effort into getting it down.


I was always affraid to listen to Losing It for fear of losing my abilities. Still hard for me to listen to because it is pretty sad. But a great instrumental section.

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QUOTE (madra sneachta @ Aug 26 2004, 07:44 PM)
New World Man was written in a day, and tells the truth.

I think that deserves my vote.

So it gets it. (Are we obsesed with third lines here?)







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Didn't go for my namesake here...


The Weapon


Like the lyrics...


Can any part of life be larger than life?

Even love must be limited by time

And those who push us down that they might climb

Is any killer worth more than his crime?


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The Analog Kid is easily one of their best songs ever IMO. Had to pick that one, although I really love Subdivisions, Chemistry and Losing It, as well. Not to mention The Weapon and The Digital Man...! LOL I really love everything on Signals apart from Countdown, which is just a little bit too dull for my tastes.


Think I need to listen to this gem of an album tonight...

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