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    Spending time with friends and family. Spirituality. Music. Getting out in the world and trying to appreciate and make the most out of each and every day. Always a work in progress...
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    Palace of Auburn Hills, 6/14/2015
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    RUSH show on 7-9-10 I have to say has been my best RUSH experience to date. Being able to be that close, and getting some great photos... bonus: being on the rush.com website!!! Pagscon also will always be one of my best experiences.

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  1. When i heard that she was she was gone a felt a shadow cross my heart ... Donna and I never got to physically see each other but like Sunny said, were were sisters none the less. Connected by a slender thread... I remember ... It may have been our mutal love of RUSH that brought us together, but we remained connected through so many other similar interests. I remember.. When she expressed an interest in stones & crystals, i sent her a few from my personal collection, inclluding a Petoskey Stone hand picked from the good ole Great Lakes surrounding my state. She had never owned or held one so she was most excited about that one. As a thank you she in turn sent me a beautiful crystal that i cherish with all my heart. I remember... Our birthays are a day apart, so we would share them online together. She will be missed... Rest in Peace my Rush Sister...
  2. Happy 17 year anniversary to me tomorrow !!!! Member Since 28 Aug 2004 :coy:
  3. Watched this documentary last night on Netflix. All about drumming, Interviews with famous drummers, talking about their influences and how they got into drumming. Not ONE mention of Neil. At. All. I kept watching it thinking maybe they're saving the best for last. but no. I'm a huge an of percussion in general so that part was enjoyable. I've been in drum circles before, but nothing like the one that was in this film. I just can't help thinking there was a reason - legal or otherwise - as to why he wasn't mentioned at all. kinda dissapointed. your thoughts
  4. Indeed... :ladi: We had to re-upload some of the smileys when we migrated to the new board, and with some of the ones where we customized the name, they reverted back to their stock names. Which one was :ladi:? I'm guessing oh WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah it's the batting eyes one . or it WAS ... i posted that reply from my phone which i am not accustomed to doing, so i thought it just didn't work because i was posting from my phone. ha ha ha
  5. I had not been able to bring myself to listen to any Rush ... Until today. I figured I’d be able to listen at work and be able to hold back the tears. It was challenging at first but I made it through the day. Just played all Rush on Spotify. Someone has the whole collection of Rush uploaded on there so I hit shuffle and let it play away.
  6. I think about you and CeeJ a lot! I miss you guys. I miss the old days of TRF. It was so amazing and fun. Same here Sully. It was YOUR Birthday thread that made me check this place out. I only joined in the beginning to find out stuff about Alex's Vegas Escapade. Checked out rather quickly then got an email about a birthday thread. Thought that was awesome. So it's all YOUR fault. The admins should ban you. LMAO <3 Hahaha
  7. My sister! Miss you. hey Sweetie... :)
  8. This. from the Danforth & Pape Facebook page. So much THIS... Dear Neil From ALL the lives you left your mark upon, we thank you. And what an indelible, beautiful mark it is. A mark that has engaged, enthralled and inspired. A mark that has brought together citizens of the world and created a global tribe and lifelong friendships. A mark that has fired imaginations, touched hearts, enriched souls, educated minds and ignited the touchpaper under the restless dreams of youth. A mark that has grown with us and turned analog kids into digital men and women. A mark that has encouraged us to explore new worlds, to appreciate the past and embrace the future. It's a mark that has inspired so many of us to learn, to play, to write and create. A mark that has motivated us to elevate from the norm. We're all currently completely lost in the darkness but it is a mark that will eventually help us heal. And in time, teach us once again how to steer by the stars… And that's the mark you have left. An utterly life-changing and life-affirming mark that we are all so honoured, privileged and proud to carry. Now and forever. And for that, we are eternally grateful. You were and will remain a hero to us all and a beloved spirit with a vision… Rock in Peace Bubba. This moment may be brief But it can be so bright... xxx Danforth & Pape Clothing (Brand)
  9. Hello Rush family... I'm still at a total loss for words. I'm surprised not surprised at how this news has effected not just me, but so many of us fans. It was a long time friend and fellow member here that informed me of the news via text. it was a picture of Neil with the words below it that said RIP Professor. my reply was WHAT ???????? Immediately searched on my phone and found what he was talking about... :( Stunned. disbelief. tears flowed. Blindsided. I guess for me that's why it hit me so hard. Didn't see it coming. I recently lost a friend / fellow fan to cancer. He was a member here on TRF. Known the man for 30+ years and it was our shared fandom that brought us together. In my small town when i was a kid not many people were fans, or at least not huge fans like he and I. It was an instant bond that spanned many years and many tours. In July last year when it became known that Danny was losing his battle to cancer i found out that Geddy was coming to Detroit for a book signing. I immediately thought of Danny and bought a book for him for Geddy to sign. I knew it would make his day as Geddy has always been his favourite member of the band. At the book signing Geddy asked who Danny was. I explained he is a long time friend and fellow fan who was battling Cancer and is unable to make this event so i took it upon myself to do this for him. Geddy looked at me and said "You are a good friend". I mailed the book to Danny (he was living in Florida at the time) and he called me as soon as he received the signed book. Danny passed a couple of weeks later. Little did I know then what i know now... he was losing a friend to cancer as well... After all these years since becoming a fan of this band, i've carried them - the lyrics the music with me in every aspect of my life. I feel like a part of me has died. I am amazed at the outpouring of so many beautiful tributes have been written, performed and posted online. So much love to my Rush family in our time of grieving and healing...
  10. I could never fart with my armpits. I tried and failed many times... :sigh: There's a thread for that....
  11. Thank you all so very much!!! I'm truly a lucky ladi Get the day off work with pay!!! Spending the day with two of my three daughters I'm blessed with family friends and so much love And bonus on the lemony cake, Geddy and I share the same birthday!! Yay!
  12. what about the geddy lee board? Do trinet or the Geddy Lee board exist in archive form? Good question !! I was on both of those sites. knowing the way Rudy behaved, i would gather not but one never knows!!!
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