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  1. When i heard that she was she was gone a felt a shadow cross my heart ... Donna and I never got to physically see each other but like Sunny said, were were sisters none the less. Connected by a slender thread... I remember ... It may have been our mutal love of RUSH that brought us together, but we remained connected through so many other similar interests. I remember.. When she expressed an interest in stones & crystals, i sent her a few from my personal collection, inclluding a Petoskey Stone hand picked from the good ole Great Lakes surrounding my state. She had never owned or held one so she was most excited about that one. As a thank you she in turn sent me a beautiful crystal that i cherish with all my heart. I remember... Our birthays are a day apart, so we would share them online together. She will be missed... Rest in Peace my Rush Sister...
  2. Happy 17 year anniversary to me tomorrow !!!! Member Since 28 Aug 2004 :coy:
  3. Watched this documentary last night on Netflix. All about drumming, Interviews with famous drummers, talking about their influences and how they got into drumming. Not ONE mention of Neil. At. All. I kept watching it thinking maybe they're saving the best for last. but no. I'm a huge an of percussion in general so that part was enjoyable. I've been in drum circles before, but nothing like the one that was in this film. I just can't help thinking there was a reason - legal or otherwise - as to why he wasn't mentioned at all. kinda dissapointed. your thoughts
  4. Indeed... :ladi: We had to re-upload some of the smileys when we migrated to the new board, and with some of the ones where we customized the name, they reverted back to their stock names. Which one was :ladi:? I'm guessing oh WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah it's the batting eyes one . or it WAS ... i posted that reply from my phone which i am not accustomed to doing, so i thought it just didn't work because i was posting from my phone. ha ha ha
  5. I had not been able to bring myself to listen to any Rush ... Until today. I figured I’d be able to listen at work and be able to hold back the tears. It was challenging at first but I made it through the day. Just played all Rush on Spotify. Someone has the whole collection of Rush uploaded on there so I hit shuffle and let it play away.
  6. I think about you and CeeJ a lot! I miss you guys. I miss the old days of TRF. It was so amazing and fun. Same here Sully. It was YOUR Birthday thread that made me check this place out. I only joined in the beginning to find out stuff about Alex's Vegas Escapade. Checked out rather quickly then got an email about a birthday thread. Thought that was awesome. So it's all YOUR fault. The admins should ban you. LMAO <3 Hahaha
  7. My sister! Miss you. hey Sweetie... :)
  8. This. from the Danforth & Pape Facebook page. So much THIS... Dear Neil From ALL the lives you left your mark upon, we thank you. And what an indelible, beautiful mark it is. A mark that has engaged, enthralled and inspired. A mark that has brought together citizens of the world and created a global tribe and lifelong friendships. A mark that has fired imaginations, touched hearts, enriched souls, educated minds and ignited the touchpaper under the restless dreams of youth. A mark that has grown with us and turned analog kids into digital men and women. A mark that has encouraged us to explore new worlds, to appreciate the past and embrace the future. It's a mark that has inspired so many of us to learn, to play, to write and create. A mark that has motivated us to elevate from the norm. We're all currently completely lost in the darkness but it is a mark that will eventually help us heal. And in time, teach us once again how to steer by the stars… And that's the mark you have left. An utterly life-changing and life-affirming mark that we are all so honoured, privileged and proud to carry. Now and forever. And for that, we are eternally grateful. You were and will remain a hero to us all and a beloved spirit with a vision… Rock in Peace Bubba. This moment may be brief But it can be so bright... xxx Danforth & Pape Clothing (Brand)
  9. Hello Rush family... I'm still at a total loss for words. I'm surprised not surprised at how this news has effected not just me, but so many of us fans. It was a long time friend and fellow member here that informed me of the news via text. it was a picture of Neil with the words below it that said RIP Professor. my reply was WHAT ???????? Immediately searched on my phone and found what he was talking about... :( Stunned. disbelief. tears flowed. Blindsided. I guess for me that's why it hit me so hard. Didn't see it coming. I recently lost a friend / fellow fan to cancer. He was a member here on TRF. Known the man for 30+ years and it was our shared fandom that brought us together. In my small town when i was a kid not many people were fans, or at least not huge fans like he and I. It was an instant bond that spanned many years and many tours. In July last year when it became known that Danny was losing his battle to cancer i found out that Geddy was coming to Detroit for a book signing. I immediately thought of Danny and bought a book for him for Geddy to sign. I knew it would make his day as Geddy has always been his favourite member of the band. At the book signing Geddy asked who Danny was. I explained he is a long time friend and fellow fan who was battling Cancer and is unable to make this event so i took it upon myself to do this for him. Geddy looked at me and said "You are a good friend". I mailed the book to Danny (he was living in Florida at the time) and he called me as soon as he received the signed book. Danny passed a couple of weeks later. Little did I know then what i know now... he was losing a friend to cancer as well... After all these years since becoming a fan of this band, i've carried them - the lyrics the music with me in every aspect of my life. I feel like a part of me has died. I am amazed at the outpouring of so many beautiful tributes have been written, performed and posted online. So much love to my Rush family in our time of grieving and healing...
  10. I could never fart with my armpits. I tried and failed many times... :sigh: There's a thread for that....
  11. Thank you all so very much!!! I'm truly a lucky ladi Get the day off work with pay!!! Spending the day with two of my three daughters I'm blessed with family friends and so much love And bonus on the lemony cake, Geddy and I share the same birthday!! Yay!
  12. what about the geddy lee board? Do trinet or the Geddy Lee board exist in archive form? Good question !! I was on both of those sites. knowing the way Rudy behaved, i would gather not but one never knows!!!
  13. THIS B-day card from my daughter i got in the mail.....
  14. i am a 2 time DuckBlaze award WINNER !!! :dweez:
  15. I struggled with it. Yesterday, when the flow was right and each letter appeared to be falling into the correct order, and as each word seemed to propel me along, I stopped. A dead stop, an unmitigated stop. An unintended stop; it was more than a pause, more than a period. A stop, a full stop; a debilitating stop. One word
. One word was all that was stopping me from continuing with a deeply personal poem I’d been working on. It was a one-syllable word at that. I didn’t want to use it. I searched for alternatives, but nothing else worked. Not one other word, or a series thereof, could substitute for the word I had used. No other word could convey the rage, or the frustration, in the exact way this word did. f**k. The F-word: it’s one of those words. It’s one of those words that traditionally raise eyebrows. It’s one of those words you are told, as a kid, you shouldn’t say. It was a bad word. I remember my brother said f**k one time, in the company of my parents. It was the only time. I recall mom’s eyes bugging out, and dad always had that look when he turned angry. I learned then I wasn’t going to make the same mistake, ever. f**k, no way. Yes, it’s one of those words, one of those f***ing words there are really no replacements for, certainly in certain circumstances and depending, of course, on its usage. Check your thesaurus; in many or most (probably all), there are no offerings. I’ve got Roget’s Super Thesaurus 4th Edition on my desk, and it’s not in there. It’s not even offered as a synonym under intercourse (which casts doubt upon the book jacket’s Amazingly Comprehensive claim). I don’t use it often, not as often as I should or feel like (more in dialogue than description), and it really has lost its shock appeal; you hear it often in movies and music. It’s one of those words. It’s one of those words that has been censored, avoided, painted over, hushed, and stifled for generations. It still appears on public broadcasters’ list of words you cannot say on the airwaves. It’s one of those words that will get bleeped out. It’s one of those words that would get your mouth washed out with soap, or get you sent to the principal’s office. It’s a bad word. It’s one of those words there are no real replacements for, like peace (and I realize the folks at Roget have listed a handful of options for this word but, when you think about it. there are no synonyms, not in the true sense of the word). Now f**k is in the dictionary, noun and verb (Oxford here). Sexual intercourse, mess about, fool around, and, ah, there it is: expressing anger (I knew it fit into what I was writing). It’s no longer listed as slang, as it once was, but it is listed as a highly taboo word. Come on, f**k off: highly taboo? It might have been taboo, at one time, like even before my grandparents were procreating. Yes, there are times when the word just doesn’t seem appropriate (but they did, by my calculation, at least four times), but these days almost everybody uses the word, from politicians to sweet little Grade-3 students and their mothers. You hear it all the time; sometimes it is not well-used, and other times it is placed properly. A lot of times it’s as common as um or uh or like — like, you know, like, like that (and I’m sure you do). It is a word that means so much, and can say so much. It is a word like love (and if you love, you are probably going to f**k, but you don’t have to love to f**k, then it’s just sex, and if it’s just sex, then you are going to f**k a lot… but I digress). I’ve heard f**k described as the Swiss Army knife of words: a word for all purposes (perhaps not all occasions). It’s so utilitarian, with many functions. It describes rage (f**k you) and joy or happiness (f**k yeah), sheer disappointment (oh f**k), sexuality and sensuality (depending on the accent), be it a mistake or a misfit (f**k up), and for a one-syllable word there are so many inflections which make it sound bigger. It is a useful word, in the right circumstances, and it is a wholeheartedly purposeful word. f**k is a great curse word. It could, or I can suppose, be a hurtful word. But there are many and more hateful words in the vernacular that are publicly acceptable and are used far too often. I can think of words associated with any of the -isms (racism, sexism, fascism, capitalism) that I find more offensive, and you can say those words on television and get away with it (it still doesn’t make it right). It should probably be used more than it is, but it may never be. There are far too many stigmas, stereotypes and old wives’ tales that will continue to silence the word. Sadly. This world has made progress in so many ways. Times have changed: women can vote (at least on my continent), my gay friends can marry, and even prime time television images can graphically illustrate the actions involved when f***ing (they just can’t show certain parts). Still you can’t say f**k, not everywhere, not when you want to or need to. Not always. 
It’s a bad word. f**k. But yesterday, despite my best efforts to find another, it was a good word. It was the right word. f**k yeah. J.G. Lewis
  16. How were you able to get her name? I felt all along she was of no harm to you. If you should decide to research the history of the home it will be interesting to get confirmation of the girl & her family. Depending on how long ago it was when she passed, there could be other family members still around that she may be trying to get a message to. It has been my experience that one of the reasons these energies still hang around is because the loved ones still in this physical existence can't/won't/don't want to let go of the person who passed, so out of the love for that person, the energies are "kept" or "held" here by energetic threads. that may be the case with your experience. it's letting go of the NEED to have this person still with us - that's the kind of energetic cord i mean that can keep these energies "earth bound". Personally i've experienced a lot of family, animals and close friends leaving this physical existence. I still feel their energy, i get messages often letting me know they are still around. i find so much gratitude in this. yes, i miss their physical existence sometimes - grief and loss are a process.
  17. saw Boston last night! not a bad show. Seeing Def Leppard, Styx, Tesla tonite! Bryan Adams next week... shit ton more. it's been quite the summer of music that is for sure!!
  18. The way I see it, it isn't a matter of censorship, but just...decorum. I don't see the need for its use on TRF. What does vulgarity/profanity bring to the table, so to speak, when (as it has already been pointed out) there are so many other ways that things can be stated? Society over multiple generations has given certain words meaning, finding them OK to say or not Ok to say. It's never been about the word per se, but what it represents - the energy or meaning behind the word - and not just the word f**k, or god dammit, but c***, or gay, lesbian, n*****, slave, cracker, f***** all to me are vulgar &/or profane. It's all in how you've chosent to believe what words trigger an offensive response in you, based on how you were raised and the thoughts you've had that formed your beliefs. that's all it f***ing is, man. In one context, i can call a girl who is a close friend a bitch, and then some girl i don't even know call her a bitch in a totally different way. it was the energy behind the word i chose to use that gave it a playful, (almost) heartfelt meaning, or a not so nice hurtful meaning. it has nothing to do with the letters strewn together to form a word but all in how it's used... The masses in todays society have collectively formed the belief that the word f**k is bad... very bad.... which recently a friend of mine shared with me how the word f**k got it's name... or where it was derived from. it's an acronym that one day offended some people, probably because they weren't gettin' any, and it blew up from there... The word comes from signs hung on English brothels. True meaning is an acronym for, Fornication Under Consent of the King. Just so ya' know." now i'm all for supporting whatever the board decides. but putting the filter doesn't stop those who want to find creative ways to post the word, and it doesn't stop images with that word appearing it sure as f**k isn't stopping me from using it. so it's a filtered word. Ok.
  19. connecting with energies via the Ouiji board can be a very helpful tool if you know what you're doing. but the board is not needed. It can open a portal that in some cases cannot be closed - and dark or negative energies can then come through this portal - not good. I have a portal in my condo that was open at one time until i had an experience that scared me, it has since been closed. I live less than a 1/2 mile from a cemetery so i often see and feel a presence in my house. I'll share a couple of my experiences in how I've connected with energies. I worked at a Massage Therapy studio that had a male child energy hanging around. many of my co workers felt it and had experiences with him. For me, it was a "knowing" that the energy is there, that he is a child and male. I asked him if he'd provide a name for us so we can better communicate with him. the answer i got was "charlie". it came to me in my mind, he did not speak "outloud" to me, but it was the first name that came to mind after i asked him. i asked for confirmation and got it. I sometimes clean houses for extra money. It's either houses about to be listed for sale, or rentals. This one particular home i cleaned in April i knew right away upon walking in that the homeowner was elderly, female, had died in the home. She spent decades in that home, raising her family and loved it dearly. this home was being renovated for selling purposes and other workers in the home had felt her presence. I knew nothing about the home upon accepting the job, but later received confirmation from the listing agent that it was an elderly lady who had lived there for decades, raised her family there and also had died there. I kept getting Bertha and Olivia as a name. i assured her that the home was being cleansed so another family can live in it and love it again just as she did. she was good with that and i could feel the energy leaving as i completed the job. There's an energy here at the office i work at sometimes. it's not here often. i feel it's more connected to my boss. he is confronted by energies often. He is not open to them and so he tries to avoid/run away from it - but they keep coming around him. He's shared a few of his experiences with me. He moves residences often because of these energies that visit him...
  20. Happy Birthday Tony!...wherever the f**k you are! ;) must be hangin with Hilda....
  21. why the f**k not.... i feel it's just a word. it's the energy behind your words that give them meaning...
  22. Fascinating!!!! I love these kinds of experiences. first of all - it's energy. there really is nothing to fear, but i understand how with little to know understanding of what's happening it is scary!! short story to relate - my mother died in our basement when i was 10 yrs old. whenever i was in the basement (mostly by myself because there's safety in numbers) i would get scared when i felt her presense - of course at that time, i didn't know it was her presence, i just felt the energy, it scared me and so i would run like a mother f***er up the stairs. Now, that was many decades ago so since then i've gleaned all sorts of information about "ghosts", energies, orbs, spirits earth bound and otherwise. now when i feel that energy i know to not be afraid. lets see, there's a new moon, and the new emergence of this energy could have something to do with that. In addition to what Lorraine asked, i'll ask have there been any other kinds of changes to YOU physically? diet, sleep, meditation? taking drugs? stop taking drugs? even something as simple as changing the furniture around, acquiring new plants, rocks stone crystals. spending more time outside? been on vacation lately? new friends/ acquaintances? if this residence is a place you've been in for some time but this is your first experience with this, that tells me there was a shift in energy. My feeling is, she has a message, and she sought you by doing what she did because she knew it would get YOUR attention. Has someone you know lost a little girl? what is the history of that house or land surrounding it (if known)? Don't be so quick to "get rid" of the energy. it's there for a reason. I feel it's important to find that reason, and in doing so, the energy will leave on its own once it's completed what it needs to do. I don't feel it's a negative energy at all. perhaps she likes your playing, and because of the new games you've not been playing drums as much? this is her way of saying she'd like to hear you play.... ?
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