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  1. QUOTE (R.G @ Oct 22 2005, 12:19 PM) QUOTE (rushgoober @ Oct 21 2005, 03:14 PM) Can't wait for Hemispheres!!!! Now, where did I put AFTK? Gotta listen to it NOW! i get the ominous feeling he's going to complete slate hemispheres, i don't know why. i really hope not, its amazing. Just what I was thinking, as well, after having read the review to AFTK I don't know, but something tells me that if you are that much in love with Cygnus X-1 then the continuation to it on the next record might have disappointed a little, lol...or vice verca as in my case Well, we shall see, TW may surprise us! I haven't been around here for ages, but then I noticed this thread and remembered it being an interesting one. Well done, TW! Your style of writing is very pleasing in its fluency. I have found myself in a bit of a Rush hibernation for about a year now, having gone on to discover lots of prog treasures from the golden 70's... But every now and again one needs to give Hemispheres, Permanent Waves or Grace Under Pressure a spin to remind oneself that this music still holds up pretty well among all those prog classics. I really wonder how it feels to go back to Rush after having not lent them an ear in decades...! Pretty special, judging from your posts, TW.
  2. QUOTE (daveyt @ Jul 2 2005, 05:56 PM) was it worth all the hype? One word -no, make it two... PURE MAGIC. Does that answer your question? I could not hold back the tears, either.
  3. Proggy

    Misheard Words

    I still occasionally sing the line that goes "every soul a battlefield" in Cygnus X-1 Book II as "let me sow a battlefield". There's been more, I'm sure, but that one readily springs to mind.
  4. This is the hardest record to vote my fav song on (permanently in my top three and yes, the pun was intended ) so as a result, I have waited with my vote until today... But now that I think about it; which is the one song I would save if I were never again allowed to hear but one track from this album? Natural Science, of course. Boy am I happy the question I set to myself is only a hypothetical one, though! Imagine a life without The Spirit Of Radio, Jacob's Ladder, Freewill...no can do!!
  5. I agree that COS, HYF (listening to it right now in fact) and Presto are sadly overlooked gems in the studio catalogue, but I also don't understand why Test For Echo is so massively unpopular within the Rush online community. To me it sounds like a spirited record -if I may kindly skip Dog Years and Virtuality, lol... I certainly enjoy it more than Counterparts or Vapor Trails and find myself listening to it on a regular basis.
  6. QUOTE (Slaine mac Roth @ Dec 12 2004, 03:56 AM) As I have said before, I'm a huge fan of HYF. Lyrically, its got be Open Secrets - that sends shivers down my spine. The music alone on OS has that same effect on me. I always tend to nominate it as my fav song on HYF.
  7. Proggy

    Vapor Trails

    It does sound awful to me, and unfortunately the songs would have to be much better for me to get past the sound on this record... I really like about half of the songs, but it still is one of my least played Rush cd's, I'm afraid. Whenever I do play the whole thing through, I feel just worn out at the end of it, it's just too much of the same sound landscape for a whopping -what, sixty-five minutes or something like that? But after the holidays I will have an "edited" version of VT (getting rid of four or five songs should do it) in my hands so perhaps then I will give it a spin more often! I did discover that when I listen to it on a far more moderate sound level, the distortion irritates me much less, but since I also have major problems with Geddy's voice on VT (it's not as up front as it should be, no intimacy to speak of) then turning the sound down makes it almost impossible to hear his vocals. So no, can't say that I'm a huge fan of this record -it wore off its welcome rather quickly. Still, I can live with the production on Nocturne, Vapor Trail, How It Is and Ghost Rider. Earthshine, too, is one of my favs but just can't bear to listen to the studio version of it -better to stick to the fabulous live versions where this song is concerned.
  8. I think that on average HYF finds its way to my stereo more often than any other Rush album -and yet it isn't even in my top five when I make a mental ranking in my head! But I do love it, yes, A LOT. When I got it, I certainly didn't expect to be blown away by it, due to all the negativity that is heaped upon it, and sure enough, it did take me at least a week to get into it on a deeper level. I even had some difficulties discerning between the different track at first. Yet I continued listening to it and once again, my patience was richly rewarded; the songs really took on a life of their own. Layers upon layers of fabulous music, this album is a treasure worth discovering!
  9. Proggy


    I love it! I think Chemistry is wonderfully lush, especially guitar-wise. That solo is one of my favourite solos by Alex. Lyrics, well, it certainly is fun to sing along to them. Which is all that matters to me anyway. And sorry, Rickyrob, but I have never heard Cinnamon Girl...you made me intrigued to hear it now, though!
  10. QUOTE (paganoman @ Dec 1 2004, 06:44 PM) QUOTE (Digital Man @ Dec 1 2004, 04:46 PM) Two of my favorite underrated songs are: Avaliable Light (the ?snare? drum, I'm sure it's some other kind of drum. I have no clue) anyways when it hits it is just so sharp. Hand Over Fist, this one just gets to me every time. There is a really cool part in the middle with a deep rumbling that just makes the windows rattle. I'm sure whoever knows what kind of drum is in Avaliable light will also knows what makes this sound. Available Light is one of my oldest favs!!! and Hand Over Fist is my wife's favorite. It's why I had that avatar for as long as I did. Presto is such an awesome album. I have to add one. To this day, it's one of the greatest Rush songs, imo. Chain Lightning. Each instrument is it's own masterpiece on this song. I can isolate any part of that song and hear nothing else. It's just awesome. Oh yes, Chain Lightning, an excellent choice! I love to groove to the bass on this track...and for those of you, who for some reason are unable to hear that instrument on Presto, here it is, in all its glory!
  11. Pretty much every song on COS! Others: Chemistry Superconductor Red Tide Red Lenses Time And Motion Half The World Also, it seems to me that Something For Nothing doesn't really get the recognition it deserves... Ah well, the inevitable downside of sharing album space with one of the greatest epics in rock music.
  12. QUOTE (Moonraker @ Nov 19 2004, 10:53 AM) Wow, with prog's vote, now every album has a vote except for thier bookends. I'm pleased to see somebody voting for poor old TFE, which to me is a severely underrated work in the catalogue. And let's face it, if there can be votes for RTB then surely it doesn't make sense for TFE not to have any! On another note, I would have liked to see an album other than MP win a poll like this for a change. It did look like Hemis might do the unthinkable but alas, not at the moment. Now that would certainly have made headline news in the Rush world!
  13. QUOTE (Syrinx @ Nov 8 2004, 03:31 PM) I would have to go with 2112. Probably not their best, but the one that means the most to me. I was blown away by it when it came out - must have played that vinyl 100's of times. Greg 2112: the only Rush album I liked pretty much from start to finish the very first time I listened to it. It is still close to being a perfect record. I could do without Grand Finale, though...
  14. QUOTE (King Rygar @ Nov 3 2004, 01:47 PM) Oh my God! Are you telling me they did "Between the Wheels" live on this new tour? I just crapped my pants. I hope there is a 30th Ann. DVD with that on it. Sadly, I have never been part of a Rush concert. I am a relative newbie. The live versions (Rush in Rio, etc) of certain songs kick so so so much ass it leaves me! Between the wheels .... ahhhh... In good terms, I have been floating around everything including and after Signals. I had only heard the Rush stuff from the greatest hits stuff, I loved the Show of Hands Video, but when I got the Rush in Rio DVD, I was truly in love. So many words, and so many sounds, touched my spirit alone, alas, many times I have wept while listening to GUP thinking about certain kin who are gone. But In good faith I will say I love ALL the albums, but as a poll of listening would go, GUP dominates. I have also just grown to love Presto (mainly Chain lightning, Available Light, The Pass, etc) an album I had dismissed other than the listed songs long ago. Every Rush album is like a book to me, the more I read, the better it gets. I can't explain it! It was a hard choice, indeed. But Grace did and still touches my heart! This site kicks ass! You kick ass, King Rygar! That is coming from another Grace Under Pressure-lover. I'm also relatively new to Rush (got hooked last year) and I bought Grace just under a year ago. I first heard DEW and RSA on the RIR dvd and simply had to buy the record soon after that. It has been my fav for a long time now -a unique album in the catalogue. But I do love a lot of the older stuff, too -just listening to Hemispheres which is a true gem (listen to RR! ) and was my introduction to the band. Just give it a chance and it will hook you soon enough.
  15. I love this record to pieces! The most underrated record in the catalogue as far as I'm concerned. So many gems here, but I had to pick Available Light in the end...such a moving song! Though I have really been on a Chain Lightning kick lately. The bass work in particular on that song is pure ear-candy.
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