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  1. Not sure what price range you're in but. Mustang GT 500. 760hp. What about a vette?
  2. Lorraine, you are correct. It was a great day. Sunny makes all my days great. Thank you to everyone here for all the birthday wishes. 1-0-0-1 I'm looking to get one of those water coolers in my office for Friday's afternoons.
  3. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, you guys always come through. :digi:
  4. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes, especially Sunny who makes my e everyday better. You guys all make the world a better place to wake up in. :digi:
  5. H APPY HAP PY !!! To the best person I have ever known. She lights up any room she is in and warms up whoever she meets with her smile. I really am a better person for knowing her. I am honored to for her to be my friend, partner, Wife and love. Forever a & Always, Digi
  6. We can walk our road together If our goals are all the same. We can run alone and free If we pursue a different aim. Let the truth of love be lighted, Let the love of truth shine clear. Sensibility, armed with sense and liberty, With the Heart and Mind united in a single perfect Sphere.
  7. Christmas Vacation Charlie Brown Christmas Rudolph (original) The Grinch (DR Seuss cartoon) A Christmas Story Polar Express White Christmas The Santa Claus-e The Year Without a Santa Claus Scrooged
  8. I have always pictured a hovercraft type car; too wide for the bridge but so heavy it couldn't have gone around the bridge made it across the chasm safely. It is set in the future where there are different rules and laws. He's riding a 'turbo' to get around so clearly the society has made up some new types of transportation. It says the gleaming alloy air car 'shoots' towards him from across the mountain-side, not the typical type of words used to describe a car accelerating - another joins the chase: I always pictured the second coming from another part of the valley. The race is deadly because he has to stay on the road but the air-cars do not. Yeah, there's a lot of detail it how I interpreted the song but I've had 35 years to think about it.
  9. I am like Narp but more like CDO. The letters are in alphabetic order like they should be. how in the heck do you just break off just the one square, you wold have to use a knife or something.
  10. Fix it if you can, my motto too. Those Cerwin Vega speakers are great.
  11. To those of you who are my friends on FB, this might help explain my 'DangerProne' nickname Sunny gave me. I tend to just go for it, no matter what IT is. Although that pic being 7 years old, I don't think I could keep up the guy in this pic today. Sure you could! Pagscon gives people super human strength! Well, maybe. We DID show those 20 something's a thing or two about partying. It sure was TRICKY!!
  12. Digital Man

    CP R.I.P.

    CP is a great place to hang out, they just run it different than we do here at TRF. I have made a few real life friends from there, went to my first meet up hosted by Ken and Julie before TRF existed. I even hosted one of their BARF parties at my house. They are a blast to party with..
  13. To those of you who are my friends on FB, this might help explain my 'DangerProne' nickname Sunny gave me. I tend to just go for it, no matter what IT is. Although that pic being 7 years old, I don't think I could keep up the guy in this pic today.
  14. Yeah! :codger: Double YEAH!! I loved The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. My parents would use it as punishment if I misbehaved, I got grounded from watching it.
  15. He/she wasn't Neil. It was the "JoesMechanic" saga a few years ago. Michael Mosbach got deeply involved too and resulted in much hilarity for those of us not averse to pushing buttons. Unfortunately that's all been lost when the board went down a few years ago. The JoesMechanic guy also had a thread here too. Yes, Michael certainly knows about this board and he likes our Forum. So I would guess he told Neil at least, but probably all three of the boys about TRF.
  16. My brother, not me. He was with his friend Steven off in the open hills/fields where we grew up, they were about 13. There was always a rope swing or two somewhere. We had one on a pretty steep hill so that when you were all the way out you were probably 35-40 off the ground, but the best one went out and over a creek with essentially a cliff on the other side of the creek. So you're standing on this hill, maybe 30-40 feet from the creek at the bottom and staring at a cliff face that's probably 25 feet or so on the other side of the creek. My brother grabs the rope runs a bit and then is in the air swinging, he crosses the creek and just before he is about start coming back he lets go of the rope and grabs onto the roots and plants on the cliff face. The rope goes back the other way, his friend just lets it be and it swings back to my brother. It goes about as far as it's going to and my brother leaps off the cliff face and grabs the rope and swings back with this dumb ass grin, lands next to Steven (who is just looking at him like what the...) hands him the rope and says 'Ok, your turn." Steven never did swing on that rope. He did remember that day though, unfortunately my brother died at 26 and Steven told this story at the funeral. My brother was incredibly intelligent (could speak Latin, talk about philosophy, or philosophers, all night,) but he did not have a single lick of common sense. He was kind of like a 200lb labrador puppy, even still at 26.
  17. HAPPY HAPPY !!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v620/skopetski/Rolls_zpssxntpayy.png
  18. I'll add a bike crash story as well. I was about 7-8. My friend Paul and I were riding our bikes down the street. It was hot in the summer and we only wearing our swimsuits. His mom pulled up next to us and said she was going to the store down the hill. We decided to go along side and see how fast we could go, she was reading out the speedometer to us. We're flying down this hill and my front tire starts to wobble a bit, and then gets worse very quickly. Before I could start to slow down my front tire comes right off the forks and takes off down the hill by itself. The bike went forward jamming the forks into the pavement very effectively stopping the bike and only the bike. I went over the handlebars, essentially in a superman pose. I hit the ground in about a 6-7 point stance and slid, both hands, both knees, my chest and the tops of my feet; kind of like a Pete Rose headfirst slide. I have no idea how far I slid. I still can't believe I don't have any scars. Both hands, both feet and both knees were shredded and bleeding. The left half of my chest and stomach was raw and bleeding. My friends mom took me into the grocery store bathroom (that was the closest place) to try and get me cleaned up. All I remember after that is lots and lots of very bloody brown paper-towels.
  19. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. It was a good day. Sunny thanks for keeping me and letting me stick around. Thank for the cakes and Patron guys. You all added some cheer to my day.
  20. H APPY HAP PY !!! To the most wonderful Wife and Friend in the whole-wide world. I hope your day is as amazing as you are. You have made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. Our initial meeting one mid-July night has turned into an awesome marriage and friendship. You deserve the world and I am looking forward to spending the rest of our future together. I love you more than words could ever express. Forever a & Always, Digi
  21. :goodone: Yep. The right answer needed only four words. Yep!!
  22. Matchbox because they were real cars, not made up ones like most of the hot wheels.
  23. Hedberg was awesome!!! His delivery was classic. One of his first live recorded specials was going very badly and he just sat on the steps on stage that were part of the set and did the rest of show sitting down, which kind of made it funnier. It was just a bad audience, he was funny. He has a joke about a stoplight and a banana and how their colors can each tell you what to do. Stoplight: Green means go, yellow means slow down With a banana it's the opposite: Green means whoa slow down, yellow means go ahead and eat it, red means 'where the f**k did you get that banana?' Every once in a while I see red bananas in the grocery store and I laugh every time.
  24. Where in the Sierra's (it sure looks like that's where you are) did you go camping? Yep. we packed in 7 miles from Kennedy meadows. :) That's a good hike. That is the only thing I miss about not living in California anymore.
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