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  1. It's been a while! Like putting a comfortable jacket back on after it's been left in the closet for ages....
  2. Bored of the Rings remains one of the best literary spoofs ever!
  3. QUOTE (Tommy Sawyer @ Sep 8 2012, 01:23 AM) QUOTE (dtpoet @ Sep 7 2012, 09:22 PM) Either SCOG or WTW will probably be gone Hopefully Wish Them Well... I really love Seven Cities.. I would imagine WTW will be dropped, Seven Cities, followed by The Wreckers, them BU2B and The Garden would be my prediction for the closer of this section.
  4. QUOTE (SchemingDemon @ Sep 8 2012, 01:14 AM) Set 1 1. Subdivisions 2. Big Money 3. Force Ten 4. Grand Designs 5. The Body Electric 6. Territories 7. The Analog Kid 8. Bravado 9. Where's My Thing/Drum solo 10. Far Cry Intermission ..and the strings are deployed! Set 2 1. Caravan 2. CLOCKWORK ANGELS! Interesting - In terms of the plot of the novel, it would make more sense to locate BU2B itself where the reprise is on the album. Owen's transformation from believer to sceptic happens far more sharply in the sleeve notes.
  5. 414 User(s) are reading this topic (269 Guests and 4 Anonymous Users): Edit - Make that 424!
  6. QUOTE (pedro2112 @ Sep 7 2012, 05:04 AM) Only 300 would be pathetic. You'd have to quadruple that number to equal the most TRFers online at once. Damn right Pedro, even old guys with double digit member numbers are coming back for this one!
  7. I'm nearly finished the novel, it is a little trite in places, and the fact that the "can't stop thinking big" line appears on nearly every page has worn quite thin. Another feature is Anderson's inclusion of references to other Rush songs on every second page, endearing for the first chapter or two, but well played out by now.
  8. I realised how much I love Carnies last night when I was walking through Tesco doing some shopping with the iTouch blasting and realised that I was singing along out loud and drumming on the trolley handle. Ooooops!
  9. QUOTE (Hatchetaxe&saw @ Jun 6 2012, 12:09 PM) Playing The Garden again, Jesus H, this is HUGE. That piano, those lyrics, the strings. This is a song by men who have lived, loved and lost, like all of us, but luckily for us, they make something astonishing out of their experiences. This is not something tossed off by some Prog wannabe or some supposed technical wunderkind. This is music to nourish the soul. It ends with magic. What he said!
  10. Thanks all - Life is good, particularly as my birthday present to myself arrived yesterday! We may be broke, but we've got great music to listen to
  11. Mine arrived in Ireland yesterday too, I suspect you're right Marko, the Jubilee events delayed delivery for you guys by a day. For those asking about the poster, I'm taking the liberty of reproducing Marko's pic - The shaded area is thousands of names really close together, mine among them. http://i1169.photobucket.com/albums/r509/mkshiels/IMG_1392.jpg
  12. I'm with HA&S - It doesn't always grab you by the short and curlies immediately, but after three listens it insiduously eats its way into your brain. My initial reaction was The Garden is an amazing song, soon to be in my Ruish Top 10, I think. Headlong Flight sounds wonderful - Nick earned his money on that one alone. In fact, the production is superb throughout, and I have no hesitation in saying that Nick is the best they've had since Broon. I like Wish Them Well a lot, I know it's had a few knockers, Seven Cities and Clockwork Angels are slow burners, but like the Olympic flame, they'll not go out once they've been kindled. This is a classic.
  13. There's another factor which can't be ignored. Production. Nick Raskulinecz is bringing his production values to the piece, aided by huge leaps in terms of the mixing and editing facilities available in the studio. I've always believed that central to Rush's longevity has been a willingness to embrace new technology, and treat it as an opportunity rather than a threat. Back then, they had analogue recording facilities with which they and Broon could work wonders. Now, they have access to digital equipment, compression, vocal layering, and they use it to its potential, particularly in terms of Geddy's vocals. Could the Rush of '74 have played the notes?. Yes. Could they have recorded Headlong Flight? NO.
  14. Bloody hell, that's good. What's it going to sound like pumping through a great hi-fi system?. Europe 2013 is looking more and more essential!
  15. QUOTE (Hatchetaxe&saw @ Feb 15 2012, 10:03 AM) Welcome to sleepless nights, barf, pee, poo, drool, more barf, screaming, flinging food, flinging poo, flinging barf, knocks, bruises, worry, developing dog like hearing, more barf.....and then she'll grab a firm hold of your finger and smile at you. And it's all worth it. and more barf. Best of luck guys! In fairness, my experience is that girls are more manageable than boys on the barfing and peeing front. You'll still spend the next few months looking like a zombit thought Testy! Congrats mate.
  16. Here Again is not only my favourite track from "Rush", but one of my favourites from the band full stop. Alex's solo is an indication that he was the equal of any of his contemporaries you might care to name. The fact that he developed a playing style geared towards supporting an incredible group dynamic rather than showing off his chops speaks volumes about his character IMO. Neil's arrival is rightly seen as fundamental to the development of the Rush we know and love today, but I think Alex's attitude and temperament hasn't always had the acknowledgement it deserved. How many "axe masters" would have stuck around during the period from Signals to Presto because the bnand's sound was more important than how high their guitar was in the mix and how many solos they got to do? Back to the review, I largely agree. For a bunch of young, Zepellin obsessed musicians, it was a triumph, and sits well beside its hard rock contemporaries. A very good, fair and balanced review, that augers well for the rest of the series.
  17. QUOTE (Hatchetaxe&saw @ Feb 3 2012, 04:39 PM) The deluxe editions of Black Rose & Live & Dangerous arrived this week. Do I really need them? No. Am I glad I got them? Oh yes. I have all the deluxe editions up to Live and Dangerous. Black Rose is next on the list. I actually spend more time on the Peel sessions and other 'Disc 2' stuff than on the albums themselves. You mentioned Sitamoia a while back, an absolute stonker of a song! Another one of my favourite Lizzy tracks -
  18. Another grey man here, but I became self conscious and took it off. So - I ran shirtless with your Grandma because I love marijuana.
  19. Album, probably Permanent Waves. To me, it's the bridge between 'Old Rush' and 'New Rush', in as much as those descriptions mean anything. I've said before actually that IMO, the essence of Rush is captured on one song, and that's Prime Mover. Great musicianship, and the lyrics (particularly "the point of the journey is not to arrive") are typical of Neil's themes over the years.
  20. Easy question for me - "Sorry it's taken us so long" Dublin, May 12th, 2011.
  21. What's clear, particularly from the end of "Beyond the Lighted Stage", is that they genuinely love each other's company, and making music together. More recordings, yes. Another tour? I have my doubts.
  22. Oh, the thread was redundant after the first few posts, I'm just hanging around until Treeduck reveals the identity of the chick with the KFC bucket on her head
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