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What are you watching right now?


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Finally upgraded to Blu-Ray and proud to say the first film I will watch is John Carpenter's The Thing!!!! His true masterpiece.


Welcome to blu-ray. The Thing looks excellent on BD! Halloween looks quite stunning as well.

It was a long time coming! I can't believe how insane The Thing looked. Let the double dipping begin- The Fog will be released next year, and I'll probably end up buying Halloween for the umpteenth time!
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If you're talking about how lame Seth was, I'm way ahead of you. Still not as bad as Hathaway/Franco. :facepalm:


Congrats to Argo. Academygo f yourself for not giving Affleck a directing nod. Also, it's the 1st BP win I'm really satisfied with since No Country For Old Men.

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Just about finishing up this series, utterly brilliant. Beautiful but sad.






Just finished this series earlier today. Oldie but a goodie.



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