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  1. Hi Rush fans! I've been listening to Geddy talk about his book and the stories that basses tell. That got me wondering about the stories that people have for specific Rush tunes. I figure there is a great story for every song in the catalog and want to collect as many stories as possible, and at least one for each song. Eventually, I'd like to get the collection put together in some format and available for everyone to read. If you want to tell a story (or 10.. or 20!), there is a Google Form linked to this post where you can write out a little info if you want, your story, and what song it goes with. Google Form for your stories! https://forms.gle/FCPKQCMgBAxK9dwH7
  2. A couple of songs hit me that way the last couple days. How It Is and Scars. "Here's a little trap That sometimes catches everyone When today's as far as we can see Faith in bright tomorrows Giving way to resignation That's how it is, how it's going to be" "All my nerves are naked wires Tender to the touch Sometimes super-sensitive But who can care too much? I get this feeling" I've always liked these songs, and Neil's passing certainly isn't the only grim event of the last decade... but I guess hearing them now knowing that he wrote them. That makes a big difference. And from Scars, "Pleasure leaves a fingerprint As surely as mortal pain In memories they resonate And echo back again" So many fingerprints. So many memories.
  3. 60 F and wet outside. Highs in the 70's and thunderstorms the next 2 days. South Texas is really just skipping over winter this year, I guess.
  4. OK, you've convinced me to give it another go. It's the least I could do in memory of Neil. I think what got me the first time around was expecting it to sound like Neil writing. The second time was probably 3-4 years afterward, so I went into it with a different mindset maybe. I dunno. It was really nice listening to the audiobook, though I doubt that will happen again.
  5. Looks like I missed my 10-year anniversary juuuuuuust a little bit. Howdy again, TRF!
  6. I really enjoyed it the second time around. Like ctbadger said earlier, it was jarring (the first time) when those Rush references popped up. For whatever reason, it was easier to take those in stride the second time I read it. I also really enjoyed listening to Neil narrate the audiobook on a road trip over the summer.
  7. I watched R40 and Grace Under Pressure on Sunday and have been shuffling through their music throughout the day and night. On the way to work this morning, Scars came on and did a number on me. All my nerves are naked wires Tender to the touch Sometimes super-sensitive But who can care too much? I get this feeling
  8. When I heard that you were gone I felt a shadow cross my heart
  9. Wow. I haven't been around much lately, but TRF was my first home to meet other Rush fans years ago. It's hard to process this whole thing. Neil was so important to all of us. His lyrics reached all of us who seemed to be on the outside looking in. Maybe "looking in" isn't the best word- I was fine being a geek, but just outside of cool. Neil wrote about things I cared about and was interested in. It's like losing a mentor and a therapist and a hero all at once. Hell, I don't know what to say, but knew y'all would understand. To Neil, Thank you. You've inspired so many people and brought us so much joy. You set the benchmark for rock drumming and wrote lyrics that spoke to my heart like no other band. Thank you.
  10. Howdy! I haven't posted much around these parts in a few years, but wanted to share a Rush podcast that is going on down in San Antonio: http://permanentwavespodcast.libsyn.com/ It's called The Permanent Waves Podcast and is hosted by a couple of younger Rush fans who know their stuff! They're worth a listen, and you might even hear a couple of old TRF'ers show up as guests! Rush on, TG
  11. Yeah just give Neil a few oxy before the show lol good as new! That's jazz, Mr. Banana
  12. Intermission, volume back up on the TV. Let's see if the Rangers can keep this lead.
  13. PLEASE NEAUX! Of the staples, Subdivisions and TSoR are the two I hope never leave.
  14. I think it's just the number of users increasing. People sending the user in this case Bob Hanks some love. The gift for holding your phone up the whole damn show! Ah. Bob is an absolute beauty. Would buy him a beer or 8 for this!
  15. Don't you tease about Kid Gloves. That would be cruel.
  16. Got home from Tulsa a few hours ago. Kinda drunk watching Time Machine. Life is grand. :rush: :rush: :rush: :rush: :rush:
  17. I've seen and heard some comments to the effect that young fans can't really appreciate the 2nd set. Since there are a lot of us on this forum, I figured I'd share my thoughts and feelings from the show last night. Since the second set started with Moving Pictures and worked its way backward, there are a tons of us who weren't old enough to go to shows from that era- that's if we had even been born. In talking to other fans around my age (26) and to others who maybe got into Rush a little bit later, we consistently lament the fact that we didn't get to see them earlier in their career. Last night came as close to changing that as we will ever get. To see the second set and encore was very, very special. From the setlist to the way the stage was arranged, it was like getting to go back to a time in Rush's career that we missed. I absolutely love the newer material, but getting an entire set from the 74-81 time period will be an irreplaceable memory. (Full disclosure since I'm not too active here anymore and have only gotten to meet a handful of you guys in person- I got pretty damn emotional around Jacob's Ladder and had to choke back a tear when they launched into Lakeside Park). I guess all that is just to say that we definitely appreciate it, but in a different way. Also, I'm still all geared up and can't believe what we just got to see. Love, peace, and chicken grease. TG
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