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Official Clockwork Angels Initial Reactions thread

The Owl

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On a trip from Palm Beach FL to Wilmington NC a 11 hour drive last year I took ALL the RUSH albums including the live ones, I listened CA and for the first time it hit me how great an album it really is. I played it about 60 miles from my destination and with increased volume I picked up speed through the song Headlong Flight. I almost flew into a speed trap set up while approaching Wilmington but I wasn't stopped.


If that's their last album it's certainly moved up on the RUSH album list....it's fantastic.

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Another album I haven't heard in a few months...when I'm all in for something pretty heavy, I'll spin it again.


I've always loved CA...overall the strongest Rush album in 25 years, at the time of its release.

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As issued, Clockwork is just OK with me. Some great songs, but I don't necessarily enjoy the way it flows, and I think it's longer than it needs to be. So, once again, here's my re-packaged Clockwork Angels and the way I prefer to listen to it.


1. Clockwork Angels (would have been a perfect opener, setting the story's scene)

2. BU2B (Tempo and structural change, Introducing the central character)

3. Anarchist (Pick things up again with a great bass-driven jam)

4. Seven Cities of Gold (Down-tempo, but musically interesting, especially in this position relative to the other songs)

5. Carnies (Back to an up-tempo track, one with some killer drumming)

6. BU2B2 (Why not. It's inoffensive, and serves to bring the story full circle)

7. Caravan - or - Headlong Flight (Two killer mini-epics that have every over-the-top RUSH jam that endears the band to its fans. Either makes a perfect closer, but both on the same album seem unnecessary. Save one as a one-off single.)


Bonus Hidden Track: The Garden (A nice post-script to the story, and a nice final statement by the band.)


This isn't to say that I don't like the tracks that I have included. It's just that they don't add much for me either musically or story-wise, and, shortened this way, the album is indeed masterful. To my ears, anyway.



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It's a very interesting album


It doesn't click with me but I can hear greatness pretty much all the way through it.


Down to taste. I don't think it's a classic, I don't think it's a good album in the sense it set any sort of benchmark. It doesn't add anything to Rush's catalogue of greatness and if it never came out, the modern rock scene would not be any different.


The best part of this album is the attention Rush got from it.

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Clockwork Angels blew me away. I did not expect anything of the kind before I listened. Vapor Trails didn't have anything that hit me immediately other than Earthshine and How It Is, Snakes was a great album technically that had very little that made me pay rapt attention.


I actually was wondering if I had actually aged out of 'getting it'. The Vapor Trails remix was essential and I like the album much more now, but still, both of those releases are just 'standard'. As a Rush fan that's fine, but I wanted stellar.


Clockwork Angels was the album I'd been craving since I was a kid. For me it is every bit as strong as the best they've ever done.


If this really is it, then what a magnificent way to go out.

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