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2007 - 07/28 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena

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Las Vegas, 2004 Experience,


Since we Left the Show in Phoenix (night before), a minute early, to Get on-the-road to Vegas, And we were Feeling NO pain at the End of the Show in Vegas (no drinking in Phx), We stayed in our seats to Regroup before attempting to leave ( Sober Up !). Being as we were on the floor center, almost every one seemed like they walked right by us as we sat absorbing what energy was left, shortly the ushers came by & told us to leave, we didn't, waiting a while longer, to let the crowd exiting clear out a little more.

Finally we headed out, but quickly caught up to the crowd as they walked from the Grand ballroom thru the corridor of shops toward the Casino. Well the crowd started Cheering & chanting, yelling & whistling, Loudly. This is common after Rock shows, But it Continued & Continued, Being as Tall as I am ( 6' 7"), I could see the Mass crowd move slowly into the Casino area, The regular Casino guests were Stunned & Confused as to what all the ruckus was about. Every time the Howl quieted down a little it would start up Again ! This was the longest, loudest, Funest walk out of a show EVER ! My Girl, Jeri, Lost what was left of Her Voice during these 15/20 minutes.


cheer.gif common001.gif 653.gif applaudit.gif icon_alienjig.gif 1022.gif common001.gif 653.gif applaudit.gif cheer.gif icon_alienjig.gif bncegrn.gif

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Oooooh! Fabulous!!!!


(Doesn't opening night deserve one, too? *bats eyelashes at launch*)



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