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  1. Floor was too clean and devoid of all scent marking it as her territory. She was just reestablishing ownership. Still a properly trained dog shouldn't do that. A puppy? Yup, it's a puppy.
  2. My dog peed on my freshly mopped kitchen floor...just after I brought her back in from a walk where she peed outside.
  3. I'd guess not many people here get the "3rd lyne" bit. Good to read ya. I come from the really old school
  4. Dude! Welcome back, remember the fun times? Oh yeah, muahahaha.
  5. Hey y'all. I still exist :) I was checking bookmarks and saw TRF, had to come visit. Ancient member line 3.
  6. Yeah, there were some very lovely ladies at the show. Oh, and the show was awesome! I have to agree the sound was a little off, but I'm gonna chalk that up to the funny acoustics of that building. I was in section 319, and the mix got muddied up by the time it got there.
  7. I sent a suggestion to BP, still waiting. I doubt I'll ever hear anything from them because my idea means that hole is sealed, end of story; wait until we can safely do this kind of thing. Let's seal that reservoir off until we need it later. Call it part of the Strategic Reserve, that way the only time we can mess with it is when we have a situation that demands it.
  8. I think Dick Cheney would be a great President, and Rush Limbaugh should be VP.
  9. DINGDINGDING! We have a lyrical winner!
  10. <JULIE>Theoretical Rastafarian Flapjacks for Victory!</JULIE>
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