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  1. https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap200101.html
  2. btw, i'm ordering Far and Near and Far and Wide...i haven't read them yet.
  3. :ebert: Bonzy! :) %20http%3A//scontent-nrt1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/19757_1213143967708_8236241_n.jpg?_nc_cat=108&efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&_nc_ohc=OXJPt4UhHFAAX9DEpr8&_nc_ht=scontent-nrt1-1.xx&_nc_tp=12&oh=6b1e4dea1c92b1b1dc73d71fb4095eee&oe=5ED6116C !!! Lizzie and Lady April are sitting on a GLASS FLOOR like 1800 feet in teh air! Good one, Blazer :D Great to "see" you again :hugs2:
  4. I opened up Masked Rider again and found 3 things to share right away: From the Preface, "It used to be said that the elecronic media would bring the world closer together, but too often the focus on the sensational only distorts the reality -- drives us farther apart." (First published in 1996; more true than ever today!) From Chapter 1, "But that's the good part about the future: it doesn't have to contain any flaws until it becomes the present." :cheers: From my simple perspective - How much brass do you gotta have before you wanna go bicycle riding through Africa?! This amazes me about Neil. He must have astronaut-sized balls. There's Dark. There's Fires. There's Strange Music. There's moss in the trees and shadows along the side of the road. There're Warnings posted and Warnings whispered. The accommodations are frightful, and No One in his group of 5 even speaks the language fluently!!!
  5. I’ll bet I can out-nerd you with some SPC (Statistical Process Control) data! And maybe some process and design FMEA’s? :P ;) WTF is an FMEA? (and where can i get one?!) I could be wrong about this, only because I’m not an engineer...but I believe it stands for finite material element analysis. (You sure you still want one?) Shoot chyeah! Send me two! FMEA#1 Hey, Bob, take a whiff o' this... FMEA#2 *INHALES SLOWLY* That smell like sh*t to you? FMEA#1 Sure nuh! Bovine? FMEA#2 *nods* USDA...Grade A... Top o' the Line. and yet Common-to-Man. BULLSHIT! And I'm just sittin at home watching the news! No really, what gets analyzed in your line of work? precious metals? fossils? soil? CBD? :P
  6. I’ll bet I can out-nerd you with some SPC (Statistical Process Control) data! And maybe some process and design FMEA’s? :P ;) WTF is an FMEA? (and where can i get one?!)
  7. i hadn't heard GOAT yet either. In business, we have Subject Matter Experts (SME's). Auditors will consult an ess-em-ee to verify tricky inventory (like diamonds) or validate estimated calculations (like Incurred But Not Reported claims). Its fun! :nerd:
  8. Masked Rider is still my favorite, but i would read any or all of them again. Count me in.
  9. Great links! Thanks for sharing these, Tom Sawyer. Devastating loss :(
  10. Aww, yeah!!! Glad you posted this, goose. :ebert: Gonna watch WIP tonight in honor of the Professor's birthday! Happy Birthday, Neil!
  11. LoL snider :D had a great time :7up: (even tho phoenix happy valley fans are overdue for another lesson from Brazil :/ ) totally worth the money...will watch for it to come around next year, too! oh, and Geddy can still sing :fucku: what's the name of the actor that introduced them for the highschool act?
  12. apparently, i've forgotten how to post pics :| i mean, i think i finally figured it out, but dayam, it took me forever :crazy:
  13. %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//oi27.photobucket.com/albums/c167/RolindaBonz/20190416chipotle.png[/img]
  14. That's a very moving picture, eh
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