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  1. Almost as good as Episodes IV and V, slightly better than VI (the Ewoks brought that film down an notch), and FAR better than all the prequels. Very excited to see the next one!
  2. Was in San Diego in 77' for a Bar Mitzvah of a cousin. I was 9 years old. We were all going to a "movie" one night and I remember vividly as we approached the theater why on earth was there a line of people wrapped all the way around the building!
  3. Staying at my grandma's apartment. Her landlord (Greek Immigrants) had a boy my age. We convinced his parents to take us to Amityville Horror. Slept in my sister's room on the floor for days afterwards!
  4. Star Trek: First Contact featured the Borg. Excellent film. :ebert: Nemesis featured an evil clone of Picard, who conquered Romulus. Not an excellent film. :boo hiss: Phew! I really liked the one with the Borg, and I was worried that was Nemisis... and therfore inducing the nerd rage of the trekkies on this board.
  5. I bought the first season on DVD quite some time ago but never got around to watching it. I think I definitely will now.
  6. All of Fawlty Towers Seasons 1&2 of Ren and Stimpy The first few seasons of Family Guy Firefly Season 2 of Fringe Season 3 (so far) of Game of Thrones All of The Honeymooners
  7. Brilliant movie, genius director, enough said. :goodone:A return glory, after a disappointing New World. Tree of Life is pure genius...I'm bummed I didn't catch it in the theater. Oh man, I never caught it in a theater either if that's any consolation. What did you think of The Thin Red Line? Possibly my favorite movie ever. I can watch it endlessly, always catching something new. It was as if a director of the old GAP commercials filmed a movie about Guadacanal
  8. Not bad for a dude that doesn't even like Rush!
  9. Yes, but they have such good commercials!
  10. This movie has been recommended to me by multiple people... did you like it?
  11. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.... Very Very good movie.
  12. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/20/WilRiker.jpg/250px-WilRiker.jpg No, more like: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/26700000/Number-Two-the-prisoner-26757303-1024-768.jpg
  13. The "Ship My Pants" commercial raised the ire of a group called "One Million Moms." http://onemillionmoms.com/issues/kmart-is-attracting-the-wrong-kind-of-attention/
  14. I'm going to be at Summerfest on July 4th for the Rush show, so I may not want to make the trek out there less than a week before. If you want to have a cool time at a decent setting, Starved Rock State Park is out near me and has a very cool lodge, hotel, restaurant/bar. It's right off of I-39, about an hour south of rockford, and about an hour and a half from Chicago.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that GG.
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