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  1. I watched this show tonight, The Rush references were limited, but I'm a Rush junkie, so it was good enough But my Question ?, Do people real watch this crap ? I actually rarely ever watch night-time TV, never really did since most of it started insulting my intelligence, like 30 yrs ago. I did some channel surfing and saw nothing appealing on "TV"
  2. They look like so much fun when I see people driving them! It sounds great. My brother in law has had a Kia for years and loves it. Try again on the pic sometime! I've had 2 Souls & not sure exactly why, but these cars are fun . . . . My 2017 is a Turbo w/custom paint so it's extra fun & fast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . soul rush . . . . . . . . . . . . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20red%20mirrors%209ab_zpspwbhmag3.jpg
  3. Yes @ 6' 7" I am HATED at concerts & have attended literally 1000's (see my list on another thread) And, 1/3 of those with my 6' 4" brother who has a ear-splitting whistle Sometimes I squat down to a 5' 5" level just to get some perspective, I see nothing ! Back up to 6 foot + level I see everything !
  4. My 1st new car was the then New, new 2010 Kia Soul, actually purchased in 7/2009 Put 190,000 miles on that car My 2nd new car was the "turbo" 2017 Soul ( 3/2017 ) Negotiated a good price/deal & since it was 8:30pm on friday I wanted to come back in morning to complete deal They of course, wanted me to sign right then, kept my plan & was getting in my old soul when manager ran out and said he had the GM on phone & said they would give me 2K more for my trade if I signed that night..... I did The 2017 Turbo ! has factory red trim. I add more red accents . . . . . . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20red%20mirrors%204_zps1jdrpord.jpg
  5. Are you really 6'7"? So is James Comey. He's a big boy too. Both my Sisters are over 6' My brother is 6'4" I wear a size 15" shoe too . . . .
  6. I was Six foot in 7th Grade, finally quit @ 6' 7" barefooted ! . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/BLAZER6.jpg
  7. OK, Last Decal, Really ! ! . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20decals%20%202_zpsryyufsfx.jpg
  8. Added another Rush decal to my Soul . More if I can find what I'm looking for . . . . . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20yyz%20decal%202_zpsfqmfrji2.jpg
  9. Thanks ! Just need to add my european YYZ next . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/a328c005-f474-492d-804f-f47bf9e8e428_zpsxzi2ffvv.jpg
  10. Hot in the City . . . . . . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Shop%20temp%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%206-22-17%202_zpsfftghrju.jpg
  11. Pictures of my new 2017 Soul Turbo ! My old Soul had an over-size decal too.... Been sportin' the GOTRUSH plate for 22 years now . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20red%20mirrors%209a_zpsvbrnrvl2.jpg . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20red%20mirrors%206_zpsamtw9bmu.jpg . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20red%20mirrors%209ab_zpspwbhmag3.jpg . Comments, too much Rush ? .
  12. I too became a FAN because I attended a RUSH concert, Never had even heard of rush before that night in 1979 Didn't really know any songs from them, Uncommon for me to get to a concert late but I (we) did, sold out general admission show Security opened up the section behind the stage for overflow, we were forced to sit 2 row, 20 feet from the drums. Unhappy I was . Figured sound would suck, couldn't see much . . . . . But show started, sounded good, could see Geddy & Alex ok BTW, It only took about 30 minutes & figured out Neil was special & had I had an Ideal spot to watch the professor do his magic !
  13. JUST TOO FUNNY I just sat down to the PC & put my Rush collection on "Random" play & entered the internet Went to bookmarks & thought , I haven't been to the Rush site in a few days....lets go..... I started at top (RUSH) & 1st thread I enter say's TIME STANDS STILL sucks ! Just Guess what RUSH song was my 1st random played & playing song, You Got It , Time Stands Still. Too funny indeed BTW, Time Stands Still is in my top 50% ( doesn't suck )
  14. Individual single tickets are easy to obtain day of the show ! 2 ways...... Box office @ venue will open certain tickets for sale after equipment is set up day of show These are usually floor seats, but, you can find others also, all @ "Face Value" no scalper mark up ! Mingle out side venue looking for people walking up that have "1" extra seat, happens a lot Avoid the buyer/sellers street scalpers, but also watch them to see who selling a lot of time these fans with ONE extra ticket won't sell to a "reseller" , but will seek out a attendee to sell to I have seen some scalper/re-sellers buy ticket @ 20.00 from somebody & as soon as they walk away they resell it for 200.00 , total time elapsed 5 minutes ! ! !
  15. Personally I'd do the album. I like the idea of the album as well. How was the meet and greet? My M/G is not till July 27th :dweez: Everyday I get a Rush Rush in anticipation, Already bought gifts for Geddy & Alex for the M/G I was just going to hand deliver these (Album or Plate) in advance to my contact at the arena for the signature's , I do like the album better too... Rush Out !
  16. QUESTION, Which Item would be better to have signed :huh: A unused Hemispheres Picture disc with torn & tattered cellophane plastic ( to be removed ) -----or----- An Arizona 2112 licence plate, original state issue, raised lettering, my front spare, mint condition, (flash wiped the photo shot ) http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/platess_zpsoaeiynxu.jpg
  17. Excellent Advice so far....... I heard you get a "care" Package & included is a StarMan flashlight ! Getting Alex to chuckle with out it backfiring would be difficult Might just be..... "Great to meet you & thanks for the memories" Geddy, if they haven't played that song they have be Sound Checking, but not playing yet I'm gonna say to Geddy....." so your gonna play ******* tonight, right " So does the Meet & Greet grant you access to the venue, or do you still need a ticket with seat number ? I have my tickets already, In fact they are "corporate luxury suite" comped passes too, but if I could just use the M/G as a standing room only type entry I would give those VIP/suite tickets to a close friend So excited I am ! :dweez:
  18. Years & years ago I walk up to a guy taking pictures of my car, my "Rush" car. He turned out to be Billy, Fender guitars artist relations manager. He goes on to explain his close relationship with rush & especially Geddy. Short story is, we stayed in contact & he just informed me he acquired "Meet & Greet" passes for me +1. Just wanted to see if any previous people have done this & how the procedure works exactly. Like, can I bring something to be signed ? Does the meet happen before sound check, or before concert ? How long do you get talk to them ? Does the pass allow all access ? Any advice to make this opportunity the best possible would be great ! TIA
  19. With their sound going thru the PA system, they had to have something on stage. Why not put something funny out there? To my knowledge, they weren't poking at anyone. They just like to put funny stuff on stage. They would have special guest come on stage put coins in the dryers I remember Randy Johnson doing it here in Phx Of course a Vegas show-girl in the Vegas show Also back during the "dryer" tour they would pull tee shirts from the dryers & toss them into the front rows
  20. Stumbled upon a different type of drummer.... . One click link ----------> Oh, BTW My new rush sticker http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Soul%20rush%20R40_zpsr4imm8kd.jpg .
  21. GotRush


    This is NOT my issue ! ( BTW my 1st Rush show was $ 9.50 ) These were sold @ the venue box office window & everyone payed $ 9.50 Then they started going with reserved seats & different price tiers , All good ! Again purchased @ Venue or a place called Dillard's "Select-a-seat" (Old timer remember this place! ) Again everyone payed FACE value Then Ticketmaster took over & had ticketing windows @ various place's Like record store's & some regular retailers & again, 1st in line bought best seats @ FACE value Also during this era you could still go to the venue & buy ticket there too... Then ticketmaster got rid of the physical ticketing window & went On-line only You could still go to the Venue & buy tickets from them @ FACE value Then Ticketmaster started deals with the ticket-brokers & gave them batches of tickets BEFORE the regular sale start Also forced the Venue ticket windows to CLOSE & you couldn't buy a ticket from anyone but TICKETSCALPER.com Then they cut out the "Brokers" & became the ultimate T I C K E T S C A L P E R they are today ! Now, like I said I have NO problem with Higher "FACE value +fee's+connivance+this&that" tickets price's, If I could buy a floor ticket for "Face Value" @ 197.00 (vegas) I would be fine with that ! My trouble is when your forced to buy from 1 source & that 1 source take the best tickets And turns around & sell's them through the same window @ 3x, 4x, 5x & higher price's :tsk: If you think this is acceptable you have been BRAINWASHED :crazy:
  22. GotRush


    Explanation is . . . . . TicketScalper Sucks & the whole ticking procedure is broke ! Just go back down to TicketScalper & inform them about the one's you found in the front section. I would think they would be happy to exchange those for tickets they have for 5x face value. So who Profits from this, The Band, The Promoter, The Venue , No No & So, the local record store got 100 of the New 2112 albums, list ( face ) price is $ 39.95 Due to certain law's they legally have to sell some for list price, ( like Ticketscalper.com ) So they pick 5 random people from the line of 400 fans waiting for the sale to start. :clap: Then keep the rest & mark the next batch of 10 up to 12x @ $ 479.40 each Then the next 12 @ 8x to $ 319.60 each Next 12 @ 6x to $ 239.70 each so on and so on..... Anybody have a problem with that ?
  23. If I make all 3 this tour My Total will be................ . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/21_zpsyv3zfri7.jpg
  24. Answer, I had a big starman on my previous vehicle that had a taller rear window & was able to include "Rush" above the Starman decal. The Soul's rear window was more wide than tall & it wouldn't fit unless I eliminated the Rush. Didn't want to do that, so I went with a oversize hemispheres font originally going to be in white, but got talked into red & I thought it might not be visible enough in red , but results were outstanding ! So then I was gonna put large starman decal on both rear side windows & I put on temporary sample & it was just too much. So I toned it down to the small wing windows behind rear door & fit a starman decal there. Pic. . http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af62/GotRush/Rushwindow.jpg
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