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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

The Cat 3

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3 hours ago, yyz305 said:

Muse Will of the People


Nice to see 'Verona' finally getting a live debut

We’re you at United Center last night too??

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1 hour ago, Chronos said:



Often cited as a favorite of fans, it's actually my least fave Doors album. 

I've always found it overrated too. I love all their albums, but come back to this one the least.

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17 hours ago, Segue Myles said:

I'm so glad I shared this group now!


Obviously I am as well.  I will have to go back and listen to all their albums again - finishing up one more and I have some other bands I want to try out.  Then, if I can find the time I will give them another listen.  Very impressed.

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