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RIP Angela Lansbury, 96


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RIP, Angela Lansbury. :rose:  I was used to seeing her in "Murder She Wrote"  and then finally watched the original "Manchurian Candidate". What a difference- she is an overbearing creepy mom in that one, and does a great job of it. I love those character actors that can play all sorts of cool roles. She will be missed!

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I've been sorry, to hear, see, and read this.  I wasn't a regular, and daily watcher of "Murder, She Wrote", but from some of the twelve seasons, I did watch some of the episodes, and I remember her being great, too, when she was the voice as "Mrs. Potts" in the outstanding, animated "Walt Disney: Beauty and the Beast".  She will be missed, and remembered.  My condolences, and sympathies, to her family, and friends.  R.I.P., Angela.

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