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Last movie you watched, v.2


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I think the last episode of Stranger Things basically counts. It was 2:20 long!

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9 hours ago, Steevo said:

The charm of IV or the storyline of V...both have to tie as my #1 SW movie.

Same here.  I still remember being blown away by IV as it was like nothing I'd ever seen, then the leap in the quality of effects and the rising tension of the story offered by V blew me away.  


It came crashing down with the introduction of Ewoks, lol.

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4 minutes ago, JohnRogers said:

This review does not surprise me. I've been having a hard time getting excited about this.


It has its moments, but those moments do little to clean the many layers of shit from it.

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5 hours ago, JARG said:




Not only the worst of the MCU movies (to date), but the worst by a huge margin.

I just saw Cinema Snob’s review and it sounds like it’s going for the Friedberg Seltzer type of lame humor that some recent movies have done lately instead of the effortless humor of past movies like the original Spidey trilogy.  Going too silly just because the non Taika ones are too serious doesn’t make your movie better.  Just be good regardless.  It’s all about tone.



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