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Bezos, you son of a ...


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Amazon have created a new home robot, The name of said robot will become ubiquitous, like Alexa and Siri, as everyone gets one to enable them to waste more of their day buying from Amazon.


The robot is called Astro. Astro is my cat`s name! My favourite, most handsome and most eccentric cat who I adore more than the children I never had or wanted!


Thankfully. my other cat Adolf BTK Bundy should be safe from companies ripping him off. (Kidding, he`s named Plato - he`s a very deep thinker before he bites off mice heads and licks himself).



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Astro is also the name of The Jetsons' pet dog.


Don't get us and Goose started on that TRASHY first word.

Is this a baseball thing?


I'm hoping it will be a choke thing in the post season, even if "unwritten rule" LaRussa has to do it. So be it. Screw those cheaters.

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