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  1. 1. When did TRF chatroom get taken down?

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6 hours ago, invisible airwave said:

Still sad that Adam Schlesinger died of COVID.  FoW were underrated and he did some good stuff outside of it like That Thing You Do, Josie and the Pussycats and Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

not familiar at all but RIP


more concerned with Fripp putting his BDSM gimp fetish on full display


very concerned

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3 hours ago, Mr. Not said:

maybe tomorrow i won't accidentally piss someone off, lol

i work tomorrow, so i know i will

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scoliosis gets pretty damn uncomfortable and painful after having it for 13 years. now im trying to improve my posture and it's uncomfortable as hell.

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3 minutes ago, Union 5-3992 said:

Flight isn't real. They just rock the plane and run a wallpaper by as you sit on the runway.

How do you explain that I’m in Detroit two hours later?

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