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  1. Rest In Peace QE II There are people that like the royals and there are people that do not. I have been fascinated by the royal family since I was a child, not having anything like that here. I have the same feeling right now as I did when Pope John Paul II died in 2005. Feeling a tiny bit lost. How do I explain it? A small part of my life experience as I know it, is gone... The Queen photobombs!
  2. Happy Birthday I hope you had a great day!
  3. I hope you had a great Birthday!
  4. Hope you had a Happy Birthday
  5. RIP, Sir There shall be a display tomorrow at the Library. Thank you for all your great works...
  6. Too hot. I do not like Summer It's a setting jello mold out there... Not fit for a frog crossing the road!
  7. Hot! It's like hell all over the place - but we're all in this together, right - so just take it slow...and stay hydrated, everybody
  8. Well, we like ourselves, don't we? That is obnoxious. I wouldn't expect Waters to enjoy Drake or the Weekend's music anyway. Wouldn't expect any musicians of Water's generation to. As long as he didn't say anything about RUSH - that's fine - otherwise he'd be asking for an ass whoopin'.
  9. My lawn is dead and I don't have to mow it - Yay!
  10. I did like sugar cereals in the past, but now it seems if I eat them, the entire roof of my mouth is sloughed off. cereal isn't the same as it used to be.
  11. Damn! Long time fan. Sorry to hear this news. My condolences to Depeche Mode, their families, and anyone or thing associated with them. RIP Andy Fletcher
  12. Hood (company) just came out with Everything Bagel Seasoning cottage cheese and I have to say this is pretty damned good...
  13. "treating your body like it was an amusement park!!!" (or something like that :spitwater: ) RIP :rose:
  14. The entire world right now just needs to go back to Kindergarten for about a year and just sort things outhttp://www.passionineducation.com/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-10.27.28-AM-1024x1004.png
  15. :musicnote: Bow to Leper Messiah :musicnote: :notworthy:
  16. I am finished watching award shows - all of them. Have a nice day :)
  17. I just logged in and saw the thread - I was watching tv early this morning - mtv or something - multiple FooFighters videos - By video #3, I switched channels because Everlong makes me sad (my ending marriage) but otherwise thought nothing of it. Now I know why.... Goddammitt, this is INSANE! Well, just F**K :(!!! To the Foo Fighters - the band members and their families, their friends, their fans - I am so sorry. RIP, Taylor :rose:
  18. Rest in Peace, Lorraine. :heart:
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