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    gardening, reading, Pinterest, Animal Crossing NH, music, things that make me laugh, or at least, smile.

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    The concerts at Montage Mountain, PA and the other exp. was meeting Cat3!
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    Cars, Police, Cream, Metallica, Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, CSNY, CCR, Prong, Bad Brains, Ramones, anything that makes my foot tap...
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  1. Rest In Peace QE II There are people that like the royals and there are people that do not. I have been fascinated by the royal family since I was a child, not having anything like that here. I have the same feeling right now as I did when Pope John Paul II died in 2005. Feeling a tiny bit lost. How do I explain it? A small part of my life experience as I know it, is gone... The Queen photobombs!
  2. Happy Birthday I hope you had a great day!
  3. I hope you had a great Birthday!
  4. Hope you had a Happy Birthday
  5. RIP, Sir There shall be a display tomorrow at the Library. Thank you for all your great works...
  6. Too hot. I do not like Summer It's a setting jello mold out there... Not fit for a frog crossing the road!
  7. Hot! It's like hell all over the place - but we're all in this together, right - so just take it slow...and stay hydrated, everybody
  8. Well, we like ourselves, don't we? That is obnoxious. I wouldn't expect Waters to enjoy Drake or the Weekend's music anyway. Wouldn't expect any musicians of Water's generation to. As long as he didn't say anything about RUSH - that's fine - otherwise he'd be asking for an ass whoopin'.
  9. My lawn is dead and I don't have to mow it - Yay!
  10. I did like sugar cereals in the past, but now it seems if I eat them, the entire roof of my mouth is sloughed off. cereal isn't the same as it used to be.
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