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TEST: Can you name the Heavy Metal Bands by Picture?

H. P. L.

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Too many dodgy looking bands I've never seen pics of e.g. Meshuggah

And not hot on the Scandi or black metallers. 

The Annhilator main main (jeff waters?) threw me with his short hair).

Never effin seen Crimson Glory - would have remembered those dodgy masks.

Couldn't make out Marilyn Manson - must have been a old shot. 


Nice to see Raven and Venom with their own t shirts or back drops! lol


didn't get to the end. Would have got Voi Vod which I see were at the end when you're allowed to review your mistakes

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On 12/6/2022 at 10:50 PM, ST3V said:

14 :sundog:probably a few very obvious ones that slipped my mind but oh well 

I was thinking I might be in last place amongst the trf folks but I got 15 pct

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