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Out Of "The Big 4" Which Do You Love The Most?


Name Your Favorite Thrash Metal Band NOW! NO BULLSHIT!  

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  1. 1. Name Your Favorite Thrash Metal Band NOW! NO BULLSHIT!

    • SLAYER
    • Fukk these poser bands! Give me DEATH ANGEL!

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QUOTE (RUSHHEAD666 @ Nov 15 2010, 07:05 PM)
QUOTE (ozzy85 @ Nov 14 2010, 09:34 PM)
Metallica was good for a few years.  I might have even claimed them as a favorite band for a brief amount of time.  But, Megadeth has the long burn thing going for them.  When everyone else was quitting or limping out in the mid '90's, they kept on.  they rocked in '85, and they still rock.  1022.gif

I was listening to some early Slayer in the El camino earlier today, though...  hard to beat shear raw aggression.

Megadeth for me.

This concert Blu-Ray is off the charts!


All four bands were out on the stage together covering "AM I EVIL" by DIAMOND HEAD!




Fukking Lars gave Dave Mustaine a big hug on the stage!


This concert is an EPIC SUCCESS!


NO FAIL HERE! 1022.gif

Better late than never 1022.gif 1022.gif 1022.gif 1022.gif

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QUOTE (RUSHHEAD666 @ Nov 15 2010, 09:32 PM)
QUOTE (Steevo @ Nov 14 2010, 11:02 PM)
QUOTE (RUSHHEAD666 @ Nov 14 2010, 10:43 PM)
I remember driving up to Marysville to see Judas Priest when Slayer opened.
I didn't waste my time going in to see Slayer play.

I'm sure I should regret that right?

Holy craps Earl, do you really want me to answer that fing.gif Which tour for Priest was that bud? cool.gif


Excellent poll btw, but pretty damn overdue when you think about it biggrin.gif

Hey Steve!


Long time no type!


Watching the Metallica portion of this incredible show right now.

I am blown away and as you know I am not a big Slayer fan at all.


I think it was the Priest "Angel Of Retribution" Tour.


It was and "offshoot" show. By that I mean Priest was on the OZZFEST Tour I think, but don't quote me on that.


Priest and Slayer met up and went up north by Sacramento Ca to do a side show.


Priest killed it that night. I had a few beers in the parking lot with my buddy during Slayer. They annoyed me still from a far distance.


They have a great drummer though that's all I know.


No one can play that fast. FUKK!



How do I go from having an ABBA night to a BIG 4 Night?


I'm either fukked up beyond all belief or just a guy who loves music beyond all belief.


Does that make sense?

Would've loved to have seen this show in the cinema ohmy.gif Even though I'm only really getting a quarter in return, it's still worth having for the entire undertaking/spectacle of the event. Great idea to have these legends immortalised together, whatever your opinions individually on the bands. A shame Kerry King couldn't make it out for 'Am I evil', but he did have a worthy excuse though so whatever sad.gif


I can understand your love for Met dude as they were the first thrash band I took to (MOP and AJFA are essential). From then I just dropped them like a hot potato. But that's cool, I know Slayer aren't for everyone (thankfully) new_thumbsupsmileyanim.gif


As for the Abba - Big 4 thing? Makes perfect sense to me, so I guess I'll be "fukked up beyond all belief" with you then laugh.gif ph34r.gif trink39.gif

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Slayer is my favorite. They have continued to remain exciting and relevant to me. Megadeth has done so in spurts over the years. Metallica's last album was their first album I had in heavy rotation since AJFA, so that's cool. Twenty years ago, they were my supreme rock gods. I have continued to follow them, and hell, even admire and appreciate them even through the Load albums, because MOP and RTL are arguably the two best metal albums of all time and KEA and AJFA are undisputed classics. They really do have artistic vision and balls, but ultimately they got away from what really made them THE BEST. And as far as Anthrax, they were godlike to me too during ATL '87. After Joey left, they have been more or less dead to me. Bush is a really good singer, but Injun Joe really breathes life into their songs. Good to see him back.


BTW, as big of an old-school thrash as I am, I will never bother picking this box set up. This tour should have happened 20 years ago. The Big Four concept died by '91. I don't want to watch all these bands, detached from the energy that originally connected them, play abbreviated, and somewhat disappointing set lists. I'd pay $35 bucks for this box set--tops. But, thats just my opinion.


--Gary Holt



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I guess it would be Slayer.

I have been a fan of all of these bands, but the only band that seems to be true to what they started as is Slayer.

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