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  1. I don't know why at this point, especially if you were a somewhat established act, you wouldn't just self-promote on you tube or similar apps and just offer your lossless audio files for download on your own web site. f**k the record companies.
  2. They have three albums, and they are all really strong. Some a bit "progy" even. Definitely a gifted ear for good hooks. Just a breath of fresh air when compared to other new and young rock bands.
  3. Wow. I remember seeing the videos of them doing Enter Sandman and Back in Black some years ago when the bass player was shorter than the bass she was playing. I am impressed with how far they have come. Tight sound and very good songwriting for being so young.
  4. That he even thought to try it was amazing. Oh, and f**k Denny Hamlin while we are at it!
  5. Resident Alien. It's like Northern Exposure meets Third Rock from the Sun. Very entertaining. Also started Modern Family which reminds me of a much smarter "dysfunctional family" show called Life in Pieces. It's still funny.
  6. I caught Primus 3 years ago in Baltimore and they were really really good. They were supporting their album the desaturating 7. They did the whole album live and it had a serious caress of steel vibe.
  7. Catching Candlebox in early October.
  8. Such an odd comparison since both bands are just so different from each other. Who I would pick pretty much just depends on the mood I'm in that particular day.
  9. I've actually grown to find separate ways somewhat annoying. Escape is a better song than both of those.
  10. The Big Lebowski Kill Bill Volume 1 Kill Bill Volume 2 Jackie Brown
  11. A fascinating story that the documentary captures well. The only people I felt sorry for is the people working on the island(locals) and the people who worked for his company in the States and were unaware of what was really going on. Not so much anyone else. I can't believe the guy only got 6 years especially since he was working a new scam while he was out on bail. This isn't the last we have heard from him.
  12. Apparently he released two of them but I can't find them on the internet anywhere. Does anyone have a link?
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