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It took a while for me to get into Barlow's voice, but he is definitely a great singer. I'm only familiar with The Dark Saga but that track was pretty damn good, I might have to check out the rest of the album.




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QUOTE (Silas Lang @ Oct 17 2010, 01:48 AM)
Earthquake - Things




It's got a sort of Krautrock vibe to it, which I love. It's also a bit psychedelic sounding which is cool. Good song, but this style is a little too "60's" for me.




The Smashing Pumpkins - Real Love


A relatively obscure song from one of my favorite bands, when they pop into their shoegaze mode

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Despite the lower quality of most of the songs on Machina II, I really love nearly every track on it. I think the lower quality sound actually helps add to the feel of each song. Real Love is one of my favorite tracks off of it, along with Home, Slow Dawn and In My Body. There are a lot of hidden gems on Machina II and the Pumpkins fans who are stuck in the early 90's really should give it some notice.




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kinda different but a band that big's gotta be doin something right tongue.gif.




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QUOTE (Silas Lang @ Nov 2 2010, 11:44 AM)
QUOTE (missedexit @ Nov 1 2010, 06:46 PM)

awesome! Can't go wrong with Maiden. How about Roger Glover (Deep Purple/Rainbow):


Haven't heard that in ages! very cool...i dig it. cool.gif 8/10


Hot Tuna - Sunrise Dance with the Devil


Right on missedexit!


The Guitar is pretty good.





Dokken - Lightining strikes again


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QUOTE (Earthshine @ Jan 7 2010, 02:37 PM)

Here is the next one:

Jefferson Starship Stranger:


I'm sorry, I know the idea here is to rate the song above so please whoever is next, feel free to skip over this post......but I simply had to comment on Stranger by J. Starship. This is one of the underappreciated gems of all-time IMHO. The album this is on, Modern Times, the one after it, Winds of Change and the one before it , Freedom At Point Zero are the apex of this band to my ears.....hard fukking rockin' and no boring, sappy Marty Balin shit and no pathetic We Built This City shit and just enough of one of the greatest female vocalists ever, Grace Slick.



But back to this song, God it brings back some great memories of a great friend who is no longer alive and I miss him. He found the album and this song on it when it first came out and played it for a bunch of us while we were all tripping (hard) and it had such a resonance and "feel" that it was simply the right song at the right time and has stayed with me as such for all these years since.



I give it a 9.5/10



And "Save Your Love" on the same album completely kicks ass too. Craig Chaquico was the lead guitarist on this album and the other two I mentioned above and dude could absolutely kill. So very glad to see several someones have listened to this recently.

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QUOTE (adace1 @ Jan 13 2012, 04:48 AM)
Awesome choice! One of my favorite songs from my favorite BG album! 10/10

Candlemass - If I Ever Die



^ kinda like a weak Iron Maiden/Dio


the songwriting is cookie-cutter metal by numbers (nothing interesting/inventive going on with chord choices etc)


lacks imagination


and the drummer is terrible... he's like a 15 year old shoplifter (all smash & grab)


that said, the production is good, and the playing (drummer excepted) is certainly nice and tight


the singer bores me to tears









F.M. - Sofa Back (instrumental)

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