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  1. I saw them open for Jane's Addiction a few years ago. I had to leave my seat and fuckking drink. I had to hear that shit in the bar on the monitor. I wanted to grab a few toothpicks at the bar and shove them into my bleeding ears. Hell I saw Nine Inch Cocks way back when on a Lollapalozza Tour and even then I wanted to kill myself. I am a music whore but even I can't f**k like Trent. GARBAGE. One of the worst bands in the universe. "I Want To Fuckk You Like An Animal." Really? How intellectual. What a bunch of CRAP!!!!!!! I would rather watch a shit waterfall come out of Chewbacca's hairy asshole than see Nine Grinch Snails!!!!!!!! Come on, channel your inner angry, disillusioned teenager for just a moment, haha
  2. Got my How To Destroy Angels tickets today too, bring on the NIN tourdates now!
  3. Very cool news! I had to miss their final show in LA due to rescheduling, but am definitely looking forward to seeing them again. They are the only other band I've seen as many times as Rush (10)
  4. Diiv - Oshin Foals - Holy Fire Iggy Pop - Lust For Life The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Tanlines - Mixed Emotions
  5. They've been putting out an album every four years like clockwork since 1993. I'm digging the two singles that have been released so far, Heaven moreso. Definitely excited to see them tour this year.
  6. :ebert: Nice Cure ranking. I will still have to label Queen is Dead as a masterpiece though... It looked wrong writing it though, and I agree, it is a masterpiece. That's just how much I enjoy the other three.
  7. I'll limit myself to my top 5 from my 10 favorites Rush Signals Hold Your Fire Counterparts Vapor Trails Power Windows David Bowie Low 1. Outside "Heroes" Scary Monsters Reality Depeche Mode Ultra Music For The Masses Violator Playing The Angel Black Celebration The Cure Disintigration Pornography Faith Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Seventeen Seconds Nine Inch Nails The Fragile The Downward Spiral Year Zero Ghosts I-IV The Smiths Louder Than Bombs Meat Is Murder Strangeways, Here We Come The Queen Is Dead The Smiths Radiohead Hail To The Theif Amnesiac Kid A OK Computer In Rainbows The Who Quadrophenia Who's Next The Who Sell Out Tommy Face Dances
  8. I definitely agree, there are some bands that deserve some higher billing and others that should be pushed way lower. One good thing about a lower billing though is there likely wont be any timeslot conflicts. Seems like a lot of EDM acts sandwiched around that one that I'm not going to see, so makes the choice of stage to watch that much easier.
  9. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/img/music2/coachella-2013-big.jpg I'm happy about the Stone Roses and Blur headlining, but not as keen on RHCP and Phoenix as a headliner just seems weird to me. Overall though, there are a ton of good bands playing this year and I'm excited. Anyone else go to this festival?
  10. Made it to two shows on this tour and got to see every song in rotation except for Middletown Dreams. It would have been nice to get that one as well and I'm guessing I wont get another chance to see it, but I can't complain at all. The TBE/Manhattan rotation I saw was quite possibly the best set I've ever seen them do in the last 10 years since my first Rush show. Can't wait to catch it on the DVD.
  11. Look. I didn't want to know if they were playing this song or not. I am seeing them in 8 days and managed to hold off seeing the setlist (for the most part) for this entire time. REMOVE THE NAME OF THE SONG FROM THE THREAD TITLE!
  12. Just came back from Metallica at Outside Lands. This is a gigantic festival of about 50,000 people in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and Metallica definitely draw the majority of the crowd. There was a stage setup with giant walkways leading in the middle of the crowd in a V-shape so they could walk through the crowd. I was lucky enough to make my way about 3 feet from the barricade in front of one of the microphones and my face is melted. Fireworks shooting through the fog straight into the air, flashbang grenades going off to mimic gunshot and explosions, pyrotechnics shooting of both on stage and behind (and above) the ~12 story main stage. On top of that, this was their setlist, Hit the Lights Master of Puppets Fuel Ride the Lightning Fade to Black The Memory Remains Hell and Back Sad But True Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Orion One For Whom the Bell Tolls Blackened Nothing Else Matters Enter Sandman Creeping Death Battery Seek & Destroy --- Neil Young/Foo Fighters/Beck were last night, but I'm sorry you three, Metallica destroyed everyone who has played the festival so far this year. Bring on Day 3 tomorrow!
  13. Hard to say, still 5 more months left in the year.
  14. http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/images/admat/072012-lg.jpg Getting ready for this next weekend. Will be my first time seeing Metallica and a proper electric Neil Young show, very excited
  15. Was a damn good show. I was at the very same show, except in the lawn. Great pyrotechnics.
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