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Favorite Instrumental



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  1. 1. Favorite Instrumental

    • 2112 (ouverture)
    • the begining of Cygnus X-1
    • La Villa Strangiato
    • YYZ
    • Where is my thing?
    • Leave that thing alone
    • Limbo
    • O Basteriata

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I voted for YYZ. It's pretty damn amazing, not to take away from "La Villa" or anything. It's just more to the point, and the bass work is killer. Well, it's all killer on that song. However, lately I've become quite partial to "Leave that Thing Alone." I love the sound of that song, especially that eerie part with the odd meter and the church organ. Kinda reminds me of an old Castlevania game or something. laugh.gif
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Wow, a consensus here?


Never would have figured that.


The Villa has so much depth and atmosphere, not to mention the different parts. That song gives them all room to showcase their abilities.


And, just to add my two cents; I personally don't consider introductions (or overtures) to longer songs "instrumentals". While they might not have lyrics, they don't stand alone very well.


2.gif 2.gif 2.gif 2.gif 2.gif 2.gif

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YYZ is AMAZING so is the beginning of 2112...but neither one can compare to La Villa in my opinion. Its a 10 min song of pure instruments and they make it work so perfectly! The song actually inspires you, damn its good!
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It's a no-brainer as far as I am concerned.


La Villa every time. YYZ and 2112: Overture are both very good.


To be honest, I can't even remember how any of the others go, as they are so forgetable

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