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    June 23, 2007
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    all the worlds a stage
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    with my sons during vapor trails tour. It was great to pass the tradition down.
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    dire straights, jethro tull, grateful dead, Van Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
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  1. Bruce Dickenson - Iron Maiden Ronnie Van Zant - Lynyrd Skynyrd Lemmy Kilmister - Motorhead Van Morrison Mark Knopfler - Dire Straights Neil Young Stevie Ray Vaughn Willie Nelson
  2. QUOTE (Rendclaw @ Aug 14 2010, 07:05 AM) Axl isn't relevant anymore and Vince barely is. I smell pub grab. Yep. And a bad one at that. About what I have come to expect from those two cheese-wads.
  3. QUOTE (Hemispheres89 @ Aug 4 2010, 06:19 PM) QUOTE (metaldad @ Aug 4 2010, 05:16 PM) QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Aug 4 2010, 04:17 PM) Did you ever listen to the 30 second clips of all the songs Metaldad?? No. i want to wait for the album. I figure 2 songs is enough . I like a little suprise sometime I'm the same way as you, man. The only song I've heard so far is El Dorado, which sounds to me like it would be a sweet opener for a Maiden concert. Let the countdown commence! El Dorado was the only new song they played on the last tour.
  4. QUOTE (the masked drummer @ Jul 29 2010, 08:09 AM) Awesome! DT Fans Unite!! Did anyone stay for that other band, "iron madden" or something or another? lol Yeah. Who wants to see a band that has a singer that actually stays onstage, even during solos?
  5. I caught the last DT/Iron Maiden show of their North American Tour last week. I took my 19 y/o son, who is a monster Maiden fan, just like I was when I was 19. It was the first time seeing them for both of us, and we had pit ticks! As we were walking through the nasty gravel lot in Bristow, VA, a crazy thunderstorm blew in. DT starts playing while we're still in line to get in. Hail starts pelting us in the head, and there's no cover to stand under. (Quite an ominous start for the show, lightning and hail, eh?) We get in and head straight for the pit to get our bracelets before the piece of paper we're holding turns to mush. We stand back and don't push. Just taking in the spectacle. And spectacle it was too. Sorry to you DT fans out there, but their performance was uninspired and disappointing. For some reason, the singer left the stage whenever he wasn't singing. At least 4 times on the first song. He wasn't as bad as I remembered him however, I give him that much credit. The guitarist, who looks like Dave Groehl on steroids, is a great player. I know this. But his talent was not on display this night. Lacklustre is the kindest description I could attach to his performance. OK, and the keyboardist needs to shave that beard because Scott Ian has a patent on it. No one wears beards like ZZ Top, right? Ian is in this category. As for his playing, he was so low in the mix I didn't really hear him that much. The bright spots were the bass player and Portnoy, who played w/ a great deal of zest. Those two were the only ones that looked like they wanted to be on stage. The bass player was playing a Chapman stick for the entire set. Portnoy was more interactive w/ the crowd than the singer. Truly, I apologize to you DT fans out there, but they were hopelessly bland. I didn't even bother trying to get the set list, as I recognized none of what they were playing, and didn't really care for any of it. Then for the main event, my son and I pushed up very close to the stage (we started up there as soon as DT stopped playing.) Every time the crowd started pogo-ing, we got even closer, until we were about three tightly-packed rows back. In contrast to DT, Maiden delivered the goods, big time. It was extremely hot, everyone drenched from rain and sweat, including the band. Gers looked a little pale, but everyone else was hitting on all cylinders. Bruce was everywhere, constantly jumping around and interacting w/ the crowd. Spoiler alert for European fans! Do not continue. Additionally, the set list was fantastic: 1. The Wicker Man 2. Ghost of the Navigator 3. Wrathchild 4. El Dorado (new) 5. Dance of Death 6. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 7. These Colours don't Run 8. Blood Brothers 9. Wildest Dreams 10. No More Lies 11. Brave New World 12. Fear of the Dark 13. Iron Maiden Encore: 14. Number of the Beast 15. Hallowed be thy Name 16. Running Free Great and long set list. Met lots of really cool people. Many of them drove long distances, SC, NC, GA, etc. This venue was the southernmost of the tour, excepting a few dates in TX. Just like my son and I, most of them were seeing Maiden for the first time and were pumped. It was a blast. Everyone in the pit went over like dominoes when the band threw their various paraphernalia to the crowd. It was pretty funny, primarily because everyone went down, and nobody got hurt. All you Maiden fans in Europe, don't miss this tour.
  6. That's always been my favorite. Interesting how performers who were more sedate on the road can shred even in their 60's, while Steve Tyler is so decrepit, he's falling off the stage. I guess there's something to be said for clean living, eh? Rock on Ted!
  7. That's always been my favorite. Interesting how performers who were more sedate on the road can shred even in their 60's, while Steve Tyler is so decrepit, he's falling off the stage. I guess there's something to be said for clean living, eh? Rock on Ted!
  8. QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jul 8 2010, 12:48 PM) QUOTE (Snyder80 @ Jul 8 2010, 07:21 AM) Here's the only truth about Ozzy's solo career I'll ever need to know. Had it not been for Randy Rhoads, Ozzy Osbourne would be nothing more than "the guy who used to sing for Black Sabbath". The guy is a marginal artist at best who just happens to have been blessed with some great musicians. You could say the same thing about Robert Plant and Brian Johnson and and David Lee Roth and some others too...people who aren't the world's greatest singers and otherwise aren't noted for their musical virtuosity even outside singing. This would be a long list of distinguished vocalists. Like those guys, however, Ozzy has a sense of vocal styling that supersedes his pure talent as a vocalist...and sorry, but style counts even when you might think pure ability means more. Not always. Ace Frehley is one of rock's most influential guitarists, where most "musicians" think of him as derivative to the hilt. True or not -- good or not -- the guy has made a name for himself and has inspired thousands to start playing guitar because he has a sense of style to his play. Can name only about 3,698 better guitarists though. Thanks for saving me the time PD.
  9. I prefer mine the same way I prefer my wife's: On the floor.
  10. DT/Maiden in a couple weeks. After a week in Myrtle Beach. I'm starting to like summer.
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