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  1. I looked upon a presence Spanning forty centuries
  2. You can rest at the side of the road?
  3. Something from Marathon? It's not how fast you can go Got to pick up the pace If you want to stay in the race More than just a dotted line More than just a dash
  4. Between Sun and Moon? Chemistry? Second Nature?
  5. Working on it right now Solution coming up soon
  6. When the first thing you play on your bass in the morning is the intro to Turn The Page...
  7. Genesis, my second favorite band. Followed by Marillion Intelligent music comes from Great Britain.
  8. Alternating currents In a tidewater surge
  9. Clutching At Straws, one of my favorite albums of all time
  10. To me, the album that has the sound we never hear anymore, is Signals.
  11. I liked this one a lot. Great footage!
  12. 1. The Camera Eye 2. Xanadu 3. Turn The Page 4. 2112 5. Marathon 6. The Spirit Of Radio 7. The Body Electric 8. The Analog Kid 9. Fly By Night 10. Witch Hunt Currently
  13. It's still Turn The Page to me, it's always been my favorite!
  14. When anything that looks 80's makes you think of Power Windows.
  15. What a fantastic picture of Mike and Neil I've met Mike in person, he was really nice I was a HUGE dream theater fan before..their music just doesn't grow on me.
  16. Steely Dan - Showbiz Kids Van Halen - Best of Both Worlds Glass Hammer - Lex Rex
  17. Anthem A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind Fly By Night Staring back at me from the window beside
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