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    Motocross, superbike races. Heavy Metal. Marvel comics. Art. Cooking. Hiking and fishing, music, women.
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    May 11th 2008 Verizon Wireless Irvine, CA.
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    workin them angels
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    Different Stages
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    July25th, 2007, pit in front row center Irvine. The best by far and nothing will top it I don't think.
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    Led Zeppelin, red hot chili peppers, The Residents
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    Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass, Violin, Piano, Drums.

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  1. I've been away for awhile...traveling time. I was 400 feet below the surface of the Earth obtaining visions in my Kiva. Do you know the company who invented the V-twin engine? Indian Motorcycles. I like my Boxer engine. Thanks Fernando, Service Manager of BMW of Hollywood for such great work and service on my 2006 R1200 GS. Do you know that his shop does all the CHP Bikes in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles? October 5th my GS will be 4 years old. I'm ready for Rush in Irvine!
  2. Well. I will go back to my old haunt called lower Lions Canp off Highway 33. Just going there makes you part Native American Indian...and you're more welcome by Mother Nature when you pull in on your r1200 GS Horse.
  3. Yesterday, after that big storm, was the 1st day of Spring in Los Angeles... you can almost feel the Condor soaring...tommorow one billion cars pollution, fall back and repeat...
  4. The weekend will be perfect! Downtown Los Angeles to the 10, then to PCH, then to Point Mugu and then Ventura!!! The Topa Topa ridge should be white... Thanks to Neil to inspire me to buy a brand new 2006 R1200GS... Now, 43,600 miles!
  5. Well, now I have time to fix up the GS and listen to Natural Jacobs Ladder music rumbling in the distance...Monday morning deluge...
  6. I have to change my rear brakes, tire, and rotor $600 bones...
  7. Last night on VH1 I saw GED and Al w/ Eddie and Co. and it had me laughing and feeling good hearing about stuff straight from the source...
  8. Geez, I think I'll go enjoy some of my 787 Billion dollar Highway on my trusty Rock Red GS R1200...
  9. When you opt for Rawhead Rex instead of Eraserhead...
  10. The weather in Los Angeles is rainy and cold. There is a party at Dragonfly my friends birthday bash. Geez, I wonder if there'll be any party favors?
  11. QUOTE (greenbay4901 @ Feb 1 2009, 11:47 AM) Just by talking about Rush all the time with my girlfriend. We broke up. When you dump your girlfriend 'cause she brought a Springsteen disc on the way to the gig...
  12. When you lick a Tootsie Pop more than 3 times...123 crunch, that's it.
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