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  1. The US version is actually a shot by shot remake of the original. I thought it was a good movie..the director did a great job of trying to play games with you and piss you off..the movie was actually made to piss you off lol. I wouldnt say the movie was amazing or anything..but it is pretty good..i would recommend it to people to atleast watch it once..its pretty insane.
  2. if your talking about the new movie..i thought it pretty much SUCKED..started off with tons of potential..and just got more and more stupid as it went on..and the acting was TERRIBLE.
  3. A Clockwork Orange 10/10 AMAZING MOVIE! I recommend it to ANYONE!
  4. yea ill have to say tim burtons good movies totally outweigh his bad ones.
  5. Yea this movie was amazing..i saw it in school back in like 8th grade! Its definetly a classic.
  6. So i saw this a couple weeks ago...and i was pumped up to see it because of all the good reviews and stuff from it. Im sorry to say i was pretty disappointed..it felt like half a movie to me...it ended like in the middle. the performances were spot on and some of the action sequences really had me going..but the movie as a whole was really a letdown..has anyone else seen this?
  7. man tim burton is amazing what are you talking about aha.
  8. When i first started getting into DT I liked them so much more then i do now..i still love them and think they are all insane musicians...but to me all their music sounds the same and it doesnt leave a lasting effect on me like rush music has always done. You can play a song in the middle of one of DTs crazy ass solos and i wouldnt be able to tell it apart from anything else they do really. it sounds like crazy solo after crazy solo..after crazy solo.
  9. Ive seen this movie a bunch of times too...totally love it..and im not a huge musical fan either.
  10. yea this movie was amazing,...i was surprised because i thought it was going to bomb..but yea it was amazing and it did follow the book for the most part..just little things were off.
  11. I saw American Gangster a few nights ago. It was a "Good" movie..but it suffered from being way to long and drawn out....but The story and performances were very good. 7-10
  12. one of de niros greatest performances..great movie
  13. yea cosby show rocks...one of my all time fav shows.
  14. I just got back and i thought it was awesome..a great portrayal from the original movie..I think alot of the reason this one got so many bad reviews is the fact that everyone is comparing it to the original. I loved the portrayal of how he grew up and all..that is what really made it great for me. and oh yea tom sawyer was in it that was awesome. 4/5
  15. yea i used to have netflix along time ago...it is amazing...i would consider getting it again..i canceled after i moved.
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