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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

The Cat 3

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Over the past week:


Kindofkind - Sustenance Pill

Kindofkind - Odds & Ends Begin To Even Out

Millington - Welcome Home (EP) (Vinyl)

Keep Flying - Daylight (EP)

Keep Flying - Survival

Keep Flying - Unbreakable (EP)

Keep Flying - Walkabout (EP)

Keep Flying - Follow Your Nightmares (EP)

Keep Flying - Revival (EP)

Another One Down! - Take On The World (EP)

Keep Flying - Daylight (Vinyl)

Another One Down! - Nowhere Left To Roam (EP)

Another One Down! - Disconsolation (EP)

Jim Croce - Life And Times (Vinyl)

The Ventures - Super Psychedelics (Vinyl)

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On 11/26/2023 at 4:30 PM, bluefox4000 said:

Lionel Ritchie-Can't Slow Down (10/10)



Love ‘ Running with th Night ‘ with ace Luke 🎸 solo & even better outro solo :musik19::yes:

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14 minutes ago, Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios said:

Love ‘ Running with th Night ‘ with ace Luke 🎸 solo & even better outro solo :musik19::yes:

 if any toto fans haven't heard that solo.  he KILLS it maybe my fave Luke solo no joke and he's said that was a REHEARSAL take, lol


and they used it anyway.





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During the past few days … 

( each multiple times ) 


* Dio - Sacred Heart ‘85 (10/10)

      I like it just as much as the first 2 albums :yes:


* Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons 

  ‘95 (9/10) 

* Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

  2007 (7.7/10)  

     🤔 I Always struggle to get into this    
       album for some reason 


 * Steve Perry … I mean Journey ! 🙃

  - Raised on Radio ‘ 86 (8.4/10)

    Some good songs … but not enough

    heavy riffs ! 

* Maiden - Fear of the Dark ‘ 92 (8.3/10) 

   A very good album, but not very peak Maiden :imo:




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Worked from home today so I got the chance to fire up the record player and whatever came out of the moving box at random got listened to.  First out:


Triumph - Never Surrender


Excellent title track.  "A World of Fantasy" and "When The Lights Go Down" are almost as strong.  Plus a bunch of very good instrumentals.  The other songs are good as well.  Very good album:  But things were about to get even better.  Next out of the box:


Rush - Power Windows


My 2nd favorite Rush album (only 2112 is better IMO).  Awesome  in every way possible - esp. Neils lyrics.  Next out of the box:


Rush - A Show of Hands.


A generally prefer live albums to be recorded at one show and this album was recorded at several shows over 2 tours but it works out fine here.  A very good live album.  Better than ESL (IMO).  Next out of the box:


Bob Seger - Travelin Man


This is a boot that was recorded in West Germany in 1980.  Live Seeger - what not to like?  Good stuff.


Side 1 is killer with "Feel Like A Number", "Travelin Man", "Beautiful Loser", "Still the Same", "Main Street"  & "Old Time Rock'n Roll".  Side 2 aint bad either with "Turn The Page", "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" plus a few weaker songs - although the crowed enjoyed it all.  


Good album.  Scary thing is, as awesome as the Seger album was, it was likely my least favorite album of the day.  Thats saying something since it was darn good.


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Apashe - Antagonist (EDM heavily influenced by hip hop and romantic era symphonic music)

Minutemen - Double Nickels On A Dime

Soft On Crime - New Suite (80s influenced post punk from Dublin)

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Foreigner - 4

Foreigner - Agent Provocateur  

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